Friday, September 4, 2009

I wanna....stab you with my eyeliner!

hello hello hello :)

bloggie i love you.

so..a bunch of stuff happened over the past few weeks! went places but sadly my camera is sitting in my room collecting dust. i havent got that feeling to snap a photo of every single thing i've last year. my camera was like glued to my hand. now its like..uhh. i need that feeling again.something!inspire me NOW!!

so on thursday the classmates came over to buka puasa. idk what happened tho because i was chilling with sam out in the living room with my bro coz the tv area was pretty much packed with food and humans there werent any place to sit left.haha conversation was flowing freely at the armand, sam and nana table. after eating we chilled with the gang for a while...oh and the rest of the kiddies were torturing wek with the cats.yeah.victims are charlie and bear!BAHAHAHAHA. epic moment humans! so after that little spectacle sam and i went up to my room and she thought gave me my first exercise on the guitar.apparently my fingers are beyond stiff and i need to relax them.hahah bloody hard i tell you.while we were upstairs the kiddies were downstairs watching some horror show.i heard abit of screams here and there but yeah..sam had to leave early to fetch her dad and after she left i finally took a shower.did i mention that sam didnt allow me to take a shower until she left?hahaha evil pint after showering i joined the kiddies and watched like the near ending of the the way they turned off the, tv area, the back area..and i wanted cake at the time so i went to the kitchen and got myself a cake and a cup of coke and joined them.holy shit humans.the ending of the movie scared my shitless.srsly.i kinda got afraid for like a couple of hours after the movie but yeah..i didnt expect that after the movie the kiddies were out in the living area and...oh hell lets just say everyone was scattered all over the house.hahaha the dudes wanted to see the guitar and when i brought it down....BAM. some photography session was going on and my guitar was their lady for the shoot.hahaha "nama tu penting!"
hahahah god.good times i tell you. so they had to leave before 12 coz of the curfew.overall an interesting and fun night.wek has the pictures yeh.

oh and i dont think i did a post about the MTV world stage? yeah i think i'll do that post soon. when i get around to resizing the pictures.hahahaha LAZY!!

college news now.everything's fine.and i just realize i can never ever be a writer! yeah.flowerry words dont suit me. im trying to do my assignment for the idea and storytelling class but i keep deleting everything because i dont think it's good enough to be a story.dont get me wrong.i've got a story going on in my head but i have no idea on how to put it into words.if only like they have those cable thingy where i can just plug it into my brain and then i can just download shit off from my brain will be fried after this.

i have no idea what to write rambling shit since the beginning of this post.hahah sorry.
i think i'll have something to write soon. oh and by the way elsathecool/elsalvador got me a batik doggy from Jakarta! thank you bitch.i loves it! new addition to my growing family!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


updates tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I must be emo.

haha hello
today's class was canceled.
yeah.we woke up and went to class and waited outside but apparently
class was cancelled.i could've slept in and not waste petrol.
ish. so we went to the dining to chill for awhile
oh and i got sam to listen to one HU song a few days ago and she was singing it this morning.haha
the HU song had something to do with this.....


this pic is sort of scary tho.look at her face.its sort of like..dead-ish

she's spose to be emo but yeah..there's a smile on that face.

too much emo going on.

the smile is still there.not working woman!

there we go! now we're emo!

that was pretty much what im kinda watching family guy right now.
so im distracted.hahaha


Pictures are coolio.

this is pretty much what happened during the past few weeks..


doodle time on wecky's arm.
all drawings from alif, faris,pejol, fizul,moi.

lizard was in the notice board
and i was pretty much watching it breathe for a few minutes.
its skin looks funny and this fellow here regrew his tail.
major diff between the body and the tail.hahhaa

this is sam's head.was at dining.
and i was pretty much fooling around with her shades.haha

cleaned my room.
well half of it actually.rearranged my clothes,books and cd's.

not forgetting.i fell sick before sem break.
got a mask. finished one bottle of cough drop in 2-3 days.
hahhahah major sleep time!

pretty much it for now. i need to start taking pictures again.must document this 2nd sem.


This Love This Hate


sorry i havent been updating you dear bloggy. ever since i got my assignments for both my writing classes i just didnt want to write anything down anymore. both those assignments are pretty much sucking my writing juice out..and i just realized i dont do flowerry speeches.haha i have no friggen clue on how im going to score for this assignment.haha has been alright. maaayyjorrr news not staying on campus anymore *punches thin air* haha my ultimate dream come true! im staying at home and driving to college early in the mornin.not so bad least i dont have to sleep with music blasting in my ears afraid i might hear or see something.....funny.seniors story scared the shit out of me.

and i was super mad a couple of days ago because there was a huge fuck up with my validation thingy.lets just say i hope karma will be a big bitch to them.i srsly have no idea what to write so im just gonna crap things out that happened this week and the last and a couple of things that happened in between.

**last week we celebrated Alif's super late birthday and we brought mona alif is skinny and according to the boys he's a runner so they asked us to buy some we bought rope, eggs and flour.the usual. nighttime came and we were just chilling waiting for wek to make the took about idk how long for wek to lull alif into fooling around with the rope.wek was like tying faris up seeing if he could escape and he wanted to try it on alif.he tied alif real tight to the pole and alif was trying to get free when suddenly...BAM! haha lets just say it was a big mess after that.

**started koko last week aswell and lemme just say.whoever who does traditional dancing.i salute the hell out of was friggen hard for me and idk how they do it but guys are cool.haha

and i honestly dont remember much about what's been happening.things are moving pretty fast lately so yeah.oh and one more thing.wek is the master bully-er in class.yeah im short.he took my hoodie and placed it on the curtain railing and i had to climb a freaking chair and i still couldnt reach it. luckily my hoodie sleeve was was a sign the hoodie was like "save meee!!" and yeah you know like how in those movies the big boys pick on the young kids by holding the kids head at arms length and the kid swinging his fist aimlessly trying to get a hit at the big boy.yeah that happened.wek did that. and also he took my hair scrunchie and put it on the curtain railing again and this time i really couldnt reach it.then sam tried to get it for me and she's short too.but she jumped and caught it but she sided with wek.those two tagged team on me.evils!!but hey.i still love them no matter what :)

so thats about it for now. updates later.


Monday, August 3, 2009


hello! time to update this blog!

okay so nothing much has been going on. been super excited that i got the voucher to redeem the mtv world stage tickets! even though i got it weeks ago it seems quite surreal that im going to see AAR. yeah im just excited about seeing them play live.ahahhaha soon!!

okay so last week all of uitm closed down. they pushed our sem break earlier. thank god tho because on thursday the week before i got sick. yeah i still think it was wek's work.hahha he was sick and everyone knew i didnt want any sick person touching me and he did it.haha meanies! next day i went to the clinic and got the medical leave for that day and they gave me a mask to wear.yeah the nurse looked like she was waiting for me to put the damn mask on.haha but eventho i got the medical leave i still went to class because the class was spose to go in groups to discuss current issues and obviously i teamed up with sam. i didnt want her to like go talk alone so i dragged myself all the way to the 5th was fine.bullcrap my way thru as usual.hahah

and during the whole week off, i didnt do anything much..i was just facebooking and twittering half the time.and i watched harry potter! obviously i'll say its good la but not that much effects like the previous ones. dobby the house elf wasnt in this one :(

and as usual i had assignments but i didnt do any.haha yes procrastinated. my god during the weekend i was like rushing to finish it.presentation and essay altogether. my dad even did the rearranging and decoration for me! and we were only done like around 11pm on a sunday.and mind you the presentation was on monday yeah. mel woke me up this morning and was like "eh ctu canceled."i was like "'re fucking kidding me?" i was like mygod. dude!we were rushing last night! and i could've lepak-ed longer with sara.

so class was at 4pm.and wek and alif couldnt stop poking me and sam! oh and i told alif i was going for the world stage.told him how to get the tickets and all.but i couldnt explain fully coz pak agi was back from his office. and in between during our short break alif threatened to poke me with his pen until we our diploma level ended if i didnt help him get the tickets.told him i'll go jump to the degree program after my 3rd sem and he was like "aku ikut ke kau!"
hahahaah.funniest dudes alive!

so now im back home doing my assignment which is due tomorrow. so i shall stop now and finish my assingment first!



Sunday, August 2, 2009

La Dee Dum

look who i met yesterday!

hahaa it was friggen random.
went to the curve with sara
saw the mtv world stage roadshow
after it was done i was like i want a picture with her
dragged sara
and asked for a picture.haha
yay :)

oh and i'll be updating tonight.
sorry for ignoring this blog.hhahah

Saturday, July 25, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad.

RIP Yasmin Ahmad
You will be missed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a dancing sandwich.

sorry dear blog for not updating you.

hahah.before i start anything i just want to add another weird thing that happened.

tuesday morning my class was canceled. so i was home watching tv.

i was alone. and there wasnt anything good on the tv and i flipped to the AXN channel and then i saw Tyson Ritter on tv. i was like eh weird. hahaa so yeah he was acting in House for a while. i mean its like freaking weird you know.and then on the radio i heard 'I wanna' and im like coool! hahahah

anywaaays. college has been the same. still procrastinating.

i try not too.but i just dont feel like picking up mayja
h thick books and searching for tiny bits of information.hahaha lazyy!!and one day we went to the bookstore in bukit jelutong and sam saw those paper strips you use to make stars.she thought me how to make them and i went overboard.i couldnt stop doing it.hhaaha my fingers were itching to fold all the strips.haha i eneded up doing most of it anyways.sorry sam!

hhahaha and now sam has this habit of always pulling my beanie down. which resulted in one amusing video and me being faceless for a few minutes.

and research writing got cancelled because of i dont know what reasons but hey at least i have more time to do my assingment! im still not done with it actually.more procrastinating which should stop.hahaha oh and in the picture you could actually see mel's head.

oh and we had our management dinner was fine i guess. ate and watched some performances.hhahaa even some lecturers performed!
thats pretty much it i guess.i dont know what to wait. i forgot. someone from my class is suspected with H1N1. and today about 5 people got sick. and here's a random photo from the silat demonstration.

they were pretty cool! especially the part where they used weapons.i love the way they did the knife flippy thingy.i'll look cool if i do that.hahaha

i effing have it.i have my friggen voucher for the tickets.god please let me get to the 15th of august smoothly. i need to see them.


Friday, July 17, 2009

I need a direction

this is not cool and weird at the same time.

over the past few weeks or months i've been addicted to the all american rejects. their songs are awesome.

when they first came out i wasnt really like a big ass fan.i just enjoyed their music and so on.

but one fateful night i was listening to a bunch of tunes and decided to listen to theirs.

and i was pretty much blown away. i only played their song on my mp3 and i kept skipping other songs to listen to theirs.

and when my headphones died out on me i used practically half of my weekly allowance to get new ones because i want/needed to listen to AAR.

and now thanks to elsa for the information, they're coming down here.

when i read what she wrote on my twitter i felt bile rising in my throat,my hands were shaking, my heart was beating faster and i couldnt breathe.

when i went to bed that night i was rolling around and it hit me.

this was a fucking sign man. i mean i've been obsessed over them and then they're coming down was wei.kinda freakish because at college i'll be like "i wish they'd come down here.i'd pay big bucks to see them." and now...BAM.they're coming.

im going to find a way to get the tickets.if not i'll have to call upon my other friends to get the tickets i guess.

i cannot miss this.i'll probably cry if i dont get the tickets.

and here's the best part.xpax customers get free tickets.and i lost my xpax sim card.

wth right.

and i think you need to be 21 to be eligible to get it not sure.

maybe khalida will get lucky and win some tickets.hahaha like how she did for sunburst.

god help me.


There's Nothing Else I Can Say

hello hello.

im back for the weekend but im going back sunday night. if the part 1 is having their performance on that night.yes yes.i finally saw them.on wednesday night because the part 5 who were inducting them asked all the TEKA students to go to the room opp pancha delima for an icebreaking session.hahah sam had to drag her ass all the way there tho.poor sam.hahaha i envy this part ones.why?because they dont have to do their trademark after introducing themselves.i had to. its kinda embarassing.hahaha but hey i love my part 6 tormentors!hahaha they're nice la the part 5 asked us to just stand and introduce ourselves so we did it la. at least no trademark.hahaha the event was just short la. and then i saw of my fav seniors that i havent met yet since the semester started.still cuddly as i remember.hahah

oh and one of my dream came true that night..what's my dream..?...

i got to drive sam's myvi.

yes.her sorry la.i really love that car! its so smooth.after driving need for a myvi grew day day.wait for me.

so yes classes have started already and im already having loads of assignments already!and its only the 2nd week! 4 assignments! one is due next tuesday and i havent even started on it! die.

and im taking tarian tradisional for koko. yea.shut up. i just want to see what its like la k.

hey..i'll update later.

i need to take a shower right now. im going back to college around 8 for the silat demonstration.

must start collecting coupons!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's just the way the medication made me.

so on thursday night..mel planned this outing before our time gets consumed with college stuff such as events and assignments. she wanted to bring us to this place call bangkok connexion and then go karaoke after at first when we were planning how much we would spend and we each were going to fork out that is one big amount for it. why? including our drink and the karaoke.i dont karaoke so im like why should i use my money?i dont think i'll go..mel was all cool with it but she was upset because thira bailed it was just like sara,ekin, wanie,ejat and mel only. and then when we went to wanie's room ekin said she didnt want to go. then mel got all upset and she was like oh ejat tgh panas bla bla the only reason i went is because she was blabbing and i wanted to shut her up.haha ekin also agreed to go in the end.

we left puncak around 9pm.when i said drink not by alcohol yea.i dont drink.arrived at bangkok and saw a few of mel's friends. honestly.the night started out slowly. we were fucking sleepy and bored. mel was talking to her friends at that point. so we were asking when we could leave for the karaoke and we left after 12am. went to the karaoke place at times square and we were there till idk what time. at that point i was a fucking zombie already.i slept in the car and when they wanted to eat i slept at the mamak.they stopped at the gas station to lepak and wait for the atm machine to go on i was sleeping. got into puncak and i was still sleeping.the i went to my room, throwed everything on the floor and slept. and during the period when i started sleeping i was going in and out of sleep.i heard them tell the pak guard something to let them bring the car in and then the alarm in the car went off at the gas station because sara unlocked the door from inside.

haha and i was fucking on time in class the next day.i thought it was 9.30am but it turned out to be 10.34am.i was lucky the lecturer was nice and she didnt lock the door.haha and she wanted to do the ice breaking session.after the class introduced ourselves she wanted to do some public speaking thing and was like okay.tell the class something they dont know about you. haha i listed down everything that not that many people when it was my turn i went up front and started telling them about my unknown thingy's.

nana:i love alot of animals
sam: you take pictures of dead animal..
nana:uhh..yeah we'll get to that part ekin said.goat. when i have alot of money im going to build a farm and breed llama's goats and cows.and yes i do take pictures of fresh dead animals as a sort of artsy you all know.the dead monkey.
sam: the monkey! we had to drive her all the way up there because she wanted a picture of it.
nana: yes and here's a fact.did you know sea monkeys mate for like 24 hours or more.i had one and they were like stuck together swimming around for a whole day.

and then

nana:i collect toys from mcdonalds.and i watch bob the builder and thomas and amazed at talking trains and what bob is made of.

haha those were along the lines of what happend when i was speaking.and the lecturer said i was the weirdest person or something like that.hahahaha.

so thats just about what happend and here are some pictures below.i didnt feel like taking alot of pictures that yeah.these are just it.

these are the pictures with aunty fong and ah cheng at popeyes!


This Could Be The Real World Now

hello humans.

im back for the weekend.

much has happened.but nothing bad.all is good okay and boring.mwahahahaha i plan on getting something next week. after i collect some ca$h.hahaha i'll try and remember to inform you guys of this particular thing im getting. i finally found it.hahah not some huge rare thing.haha.gila lame.just a cd that i want. been wanting for a week or more now.idk.i lost track of time.

so onto well.i got upset.why.first day already and class started. wtf. i thought at least we got a freaking week off and even if we go to class we'll be released like 10-15 mins later or something.but noo. it was like a full class.god i love last semester.this semester sounds kind of..hard..research writing.i dont know what im going to write about. im choosing between : serial killers, one of time burton's films or i'll go with one of sam's idea for me: the twilight phenomena. i have no idea what to write on!! and for idea and storytelling. im like eh.what is this ah? oh and i am hating mondays now. whyy? because i have classes from 10.30am-12.30pm, 2.00pm-4.00pm and 4.10pm-7.00pm. die la wei. my brain will go beserk on mondays.and i love fridays! my 2nd bel lecturer is nice.hahaha well all the lecturer's i've met are nice.and i got prof hj wan again.hahah the only lecturer from last sem.

and daya dropped out from our class.she didnt want to continue so now we're down to 13 people.yeah an unlucky number but its my lucky number. so we'll see how things go. and dude it is fucking hard to wake up in the morning.i swear i just want to roll around my bed and sleep! apartment house is kinda bleh.thankfully the walls are not filled with leftover double sided tapes but.the door is effed up. yeah we got keys but theres no point! the doorknob is just it cant close at all.on to my room.all is well.except i have problems locking my cupboard because both doors are not aligned properly.the right door is lower than the left.and mel's cupboard.well she cant lock it at all.why? because the last occupent purposely left her lock keys. practically everyone in the house went to the maintainence office to report about the door but until now no one came to our house to fix it. ish. i cant even put my books and other stuff outside because anyone from outside can just come in and take it! books nowdays are expensive.

and everyone still looks the same. ahh. and we went out on thursday night but that'll be for another post. pictures need to be resized and i'll get on to that now and create a new post later alright.


p.s-its mums birthday tomorrow.i got her baskin robin's ice cream :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When i see you in a silhouette

i am friggen sleepy. like super seriously sleepy.

aunty fong came down yesterday.went out to dinner and we stayed up until 3am.haha i was teaching her about facebook. hahah besides that i was packing my things. yeah last minute as usual la. konon nak wake up around 6.30am and go to college before 8am. they didnt tell us what time the registeration was so we assumed it'll start around 8.30am like last sem. arrived there and went to the office and the door was LOCKED. ish. went off to see ekin for a while.sat in her room and talked and at 11am they announced that we could go down and register.i woke up at an ungodly hour for nothing! gah!! after registering we half of our stuff into our room and went back home for our outing with aunty fong and ah cheng.haha

aunty fong had this huge feeling to visit her old high school.drove all the way to idk where and went to her school.hahaa damn cute.she was taking pictures of her school and the pak guard wasnt there and the gate was closed.gila bummer.tak dapat masuk.kinda potong stim la. during the car ride aunty fong and i wanted to pee. okay i am damn particular about where i pee.i was that desprate until i told mel to stop at the first petrol station she sees.haha ended up at one fast food restaurant and we went down to pee..haha gila lega weii..

after seeing where my parents used to live and being told some HIGHlarious stories about my dad and aunt we went to pyramid.haha i got my friggen beanie!!walked around and they bought some stuff.ate at this new place called popeyes..not bad la the food.sedap sedap :)
they chilled at our place for an hour or so and left for genting.jealous wei.

so tomorrow i dont think i have classes but we'll go and see if any of the lecturers are in. who knows. first day i might have classes.*please no class please no class*
and i have to clean my college room up..its all dusty in the cupboard.malas wei. i'll post some pictures up when i can go online.prob somewhere this week. have a nice week people :)


Friday, July 3, 2009

No matter how far wherever you are.

FLASH OF DOOM!! flash will fucking blind you.

yeah the flash to my phone is quite bright.scratch that.its super bright that after you take a picture there will be that funny dot that just stay there in you'll take a couple of minutes for it to go away.hahah ask sara and elsa.hahah the picture above i took yeah i wasnt pretending to sleep. the flash was just too freaking bright my eye was like 'dude.ouch'

haha was fun. woke up around 8am to get ready and go to college.but i didnt want to get up.8 freaking am. do you know how early that is? i am going to be in deep shit when i go back to college.hahaha how to wake up for the 8.3oam classes.gone case.ahahaha pfft. okay left the house only around 10.30am because sam was waiting for her car and mel was getting ready.

met sam there and we went to the office to ask whatever questions that needed to be asked and then we saw Pn Kenchana..talked to her for a while.after she left we sat down at the stairs and talked about some stuff.

then sam wanted to go eat and she said she need to find a dress and off to pyramid we went.i went in sam's car cause lil pint size heard wrong and thought mel said summit. afraid she got lost so she asked me lo. arrived at pyramid and we went to some dress shop and helped sam. dresses were quite pricey and we thought that if we walked around we'd find some other nicer dress so yeah. before we went hunting for whatever we needed we went to eat....sushi. yes.someone was craving sushi.coughsamcough.hahaha

oh and after we ate there was this ice skating competition thingy going on.sam got excited and she wanted to watch it for a while.hahaha i think it was the pairs division and the 2 performance that i watched was entertaining.haha a batman and joker.there was like a mini gotham city!haha gila cute wei.

oh and sam and i were looking for beanies.yeah my stripey one is stretched so im looking for a new one now.and i can say.we finally found a freaking like hat shop there. i've been going to pyramid to ages and i actually forgot about the place.ish.sam got a beanie
but i didnt get broke leh.hahaha lookie!pint size and her new beanie!

so we left pyramid around 3pm. got back and just stoned infront of the tv.haha and im finally enjoying watching the biggest loser.there was a certain thing that was not making me enjoy the show for a few days all's good :)

and i really should start reg is this sunday.and i've only packed my shirts.pants undies and so on are still so lazy.

below are the other overdue pictures from the night of sara's fashion show. yeap.elsa and me camwhoring in sara's room and also the restraunt where we had dinner.haha


p.s- dad's coming home tomorrow and aunty fong is coming :) :)


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