Friday, September 4, 2009

I wanna....stab you with my eyeliner!

hello hello hello :)

bloggie i love you.

so..a bunch of stuff happened over the past few weeks! went places but sadly my camera is sitting in my room collecting dust. i havent got that feeling to snap a photo of every single thing i've last year. my camera was like glued to my hand. now its like..uhh. i need that feeling again.something!inspire me NOW!!

so on thursday the classmates came over to buka puasa. idk what happened tho because i was chilling with sam out in the living room with my bro coz the tv area was pretty much packed with food and humans there werent any place to sit left.haha conversation was flowing freely at the armand, sam and nana table. after eating we chilled with the gang for a while...oh and the rest of the kiddies were torturing wek with the cats.yeah.victims are charlie and bear!BAHAHAHAHA. epic moment humans! so after that little spectacle sam and i went up to my room and she thought gave me my first exercise on the guitar.apparently my fingers are beyond stiff and i need to relax them.hahah bloody hard i tell you.while we were upstairs the kiddies were downstairs watching some horror show.i heard abit of screams here and there but yeah..sam had to leave early to fetch her dad and after she left i finally took a shower.did i mention that sam didnt allow me to take a shower until she left?hahaha evil pint after showering i joined the kiddies and watched like the near ending of the the way they turned off the, tv area, the back area..and i wanted cake at the time so i went to the kitchen and got myself a cake and a cup of coke and joined them.holy shit humans.the ending of the movie scared my shitless.srsly.i kinda got afraid for like a couple of hours after the movie but yeah..i didnt expect that after the movie the kiddies were out in the living area and...oh hell lets just say everyone was scattered all over the house.hahaha the dudes wanted to see the guitar and when i brought it down....BAM. some photography session was going on and my guitar was their lady for the shoot.hahaha "nama tu penting!"
hahahah god.good times i tell you. so they had to leave before 12 coz of the curfew.overall an interesting and fun night.wek has the pictures yeh.

oh and i dont think i did a post about the MTV world stage? yeah i think i'll do that post soon. when i get around to resizing the pictures.hahahaha LAZY!!

college news now.everything's fine.and i just realize i can never ever be a writer! yeah.flowerry words dont suit me. im trying to do my assignment for the idea and storytelling class but i keep deleting everything because i dont think it's good enough to be a story.dont get me wrong.i've got a story going on in my head but i have no idea on how to put it into words.if only like they have those cable thingy where i can just plug it into my brain and then i can just download shit off from my brain will be fried after this.

i have no idea what to write rambling shit since the beginning of this post.hahah sorry.
i think i'll have something to write soon. oh and by the way elsathecool/elsalvador got me a batik doggy from Jakarta! thank you bitch.i loves it! new addition to my growing family!



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