Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guess Who's Back

ronnie is finally out! it's amazing.

i've been following FIR's and nasty's twitter to get updates about ronnie's new band but all that was on hold due to the fact that he was in jail.and trust me i've been following for a while.
so it was kind of a long wait. 2 and a half years and stuff. so again. the whole lot of us havent seen how ronnie looks in a while and we only had an unclear pic of him in jail and shit.
so i was dead surprised to see how he looked like in the new FIR pictures! i mean yeah it's just pictures and shit but half of the pictures i've seen him in is him looking a wasted and unfocused and shit like that. and the videos of him that i've seen are just the same.
and seeing the stickam videos the guys uploaded i was even more surprised to see him move and talk. i usually just hear him over the phone that nasty's holding. anyways in the latest video he looks healthier and he even sounds healthier and so much better.
i really hope FIR goes far now that ronnie's back in the picture. i mean the dude is talented as hell. his voice and his lyrics are beyond amazing. i can't wait to hear what the whole lot of them come up with once they start recording.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A BIG "FUCK YOU" to you.


so right now im here thinking.. people make fun of each other right? be it friends or family yeah?
all of it do right? we make fun of people just for the heck of it and being outright malicious just for the hell of it right? here's the thing im not saying im perfect. i DO make fun of people but BEHIND their backs. okay that sounds bad. but at least i know im not hurting their feelings by making fun of them and outright insulting their flaws right in their face. i mean seriously. i know we're not suppose to talk about people and shit like that but again we can't help it. it's a human thing. we talk about people.

i mean honestly i would never ever insult someone in their face by pointing out that their fat, their ugly and what not. i know that at least my conscience will fucking nag at me for saying something mean and hurtful to someone's face. i would never insult someone to their face. be it they did something shitty to me. i will however talk back to someone to fight for my rights and my arguments but i will not insult them because thats pretty much low to me. its like imagine this. you have nothing smart to say back and the only thing you can do is poke fun and insult them. abit stupid really. it shows how intelligent you are. please sense my sarcasm here.

anyways back to the topic at think its funny to and amusing to make fun of them? by pointing out their flaws? well guess what. it hurts their feelings. oh fuck yes im talking about experience.

now here's my experience ladies and gents.FAT FAT FAT. that's what i've been called. once at work the metal floor at work was loose and this guy said i caused it because i was fat. oh yes i had to fucking laugh it off when all i wanted to do was go off and cry somewhere. it is my fault im fat because i love to eat. food was created for a reason. to be fucking enjoyed. every fucking holiday i went back to visit my relatives and the only thing they point out is my weight. yes you see me laughing shit off at the jokes you make about my weight but it hurts like hell when its being said directly in your face in an insulting manner. i have feelings too. im not a fucking robot without any emotions. i do feel. im still human. weight has always been a constant issue to me. i did try things to lose weight. some i regret as it was unhealthy moves. im not gonna be listing what i did because half the weight that i lost was through a method that is beyond unhealthy. until i took up kickboxing. that was what got me losing a bit of weight. and im happy with it. im still on my way to achieving the weight that i want and i gotta thank my parents for encouraging me and paying for my classes.

i've heard many stories about friends telling me that this person said this about them and it was like "what the fuck. what did i do until they said that to my face. i mean my self esteem is low as it is and now.." making fun of people to their face is the lowest thing to me. i mean again. make fun of them but at least do it behind their backs for god's sake. i mean at least you wouldnt be hurting peoples feeling about it. poking fun about their flaws infront of their face and worse infront of other people who would be laughing along making the victim feel even shittier. well yeah they pretend to laugh along and go like fuck yeah it's fine. but deep down. it hurts. they may not be affected entirely but deep down inside. it hurts. even just a little. the pain is still there. i mean to me its pretty much you take a look at yourself first before making fun about other people. are you perfect enough? you got the perfect peen?the perfect boobs? the perfect bod? the perfect everything. nobody is perfect yes thats true. but again dont insult or make fun about people right in their face. i mean at least just have a fucking conscience and think about their feelings. its bad enough some people feel shit about themselves and the insults just makes it even worse.

thats all i've got to say on this matter.
thank you and good night.


Saturday, December 11, 2010


it's seriously mind boggling on how the mind actually works. i dont know how to explain this but it's like the things that runs through our head. what are we thinking about, what we're imagining in our hear. that sort of thing.

sometimes i just friggen wish i was a mind reader you know. like i just want to know what everyone else is thinking about and stuff like that. no i dont want to be a nosy bitch that gets up in everyone else's business and know the shit and drama that goes on in their lives. i mean in a sense where i want to see how their mind works. the things that the human mind creates is amazing. like for example. the artistic people right. what goes through their head when they're creating something?
what were they thinking before they even picked up that brush or that pen or musical instrument and let art flow through it? and what goes on through a doctor's head when he's trying to save someones life? or a lawyer who's fighting a case in court? what goes on in these people's head? what are they thinking about?

you know who's mind i'd want to get into? tim burton. like seriously. i want to know what this guy thinks man. he's a friggen genius. the work he's created. i've been a fan of his since i was a child. obviously as a kid you watch loads of movies yeah? well for me i think i did but edward scissorshand, beetlejuice and the nightmare before christmas were the only ones that i remember from my childhood up till today.oh and also that movie with the giant plant that sort of looks like a venus flytrap in a shop.i forgot what that movie was called tho.again to me personally tim burton is a genius. blog. i hate it i hate it i love it i love it. so yeah. anyways. like im not trying to be like all "oh look at me. i just friggen love the werid shit that people's mind crap out" no. this is my real interest. i like weird things that talented people create because it literally just makes my mind work. it makes me think. i swear i'd prolly not think if the things that i like today didn't exist.

so yeah. im pretty much interested in knowing how peoples mind think. again in many aspects i do want to know how a simple drawing that seems simple have a deep meaning to it and how music was created. like where do they get the ideas to know that THIS is right. the THIS im talking about is sort of like.uh.lets say for example. you got the lyrics down but how do you know that the sounds created by the instrument is right for the lyrics? im not a musician so i wouldnt know the terms and all that. so yeah.

i think that's all the rambling i got for today.
prolly gonna upload some pictures up if i feel like it.


Friday, December 10, 2010

ramble ramble

well yes the topic for today my dear little children is about..fuck.even i dont know. im just gonna ramble on and on about whatever that pops into my head.

now lets see. what about hypocrites.ahh yes this is prolly something that we are all familiar with no? well yes im not going to paint this shining bright light around me by saying im not a hypocrite. i say its utter bullshit when people say their not hypocrites. yes ladies and gents every single one of us are hypocrites even in the tiniest bit. you may not want to admit it but hell who likes to admit their flaws?and you may not see it but its definetly there. that small part of you is a hypocrite. im not aiming this at anyone in particular or whatever event that just happened to me. im just saying this out of the fact that my head wanders off to past shit that happened and whenever to topic of hypocrisy comes about. and this is also due to the fact that im having a personal war with time and i dont want to drag my ass back to bed so that i wont be tired at work tomorrow.

prolly regret it but what the hell. you only live once. so that's all i've got to say on the subject of hypocrisy. im not gonna give one long ass explanation about it cause some people might tend to think im talking about not. don't flatter yourself. i do bitch about people but that's just for the heck of it. talking about people is like a can't help but bitch and bitch and bitch about that person and what that person has done. to me.personally. talking about people is a way to relieve the stress thats building up in your head because that person is being a complete wanker. i know its bad to bitch about people but i honestly feel a whole lot better just getting the negativity out from my chest. yes there are good friends of mine who listens to me and for that i loooove you.haha. so yeah it's sort of like someone having a rubber band over your brain and your chest and once you talk about that person who is the cause of the rubber band you just feel the rubber band getting loose and you're able to feel calm and not so stressed out again. thats the best feeling ever. so yes. if you haven't noticed see how i just jumped from the short topic of hypocrisy to bitching?haha im sorry i just had to.haha

oh and now im gonna jump on to another topic. well lets see. oh yeah 2011 is coming up. there's like a few weeks left? sigh.say goodbye to 2010 kiddies. it's kinda shit for me tho.cause 2010 has been a good year. and it just flew by so fast. im gonna miss you 2010. and now to the main topic of the ever changing years. new years resolution? i swear i have never met anyone who has ever followed their new years resolutions. haha i mean i try to follow mine but i gave up after the 1st week of the new year. its such a hassle to remember my resolutions. like i say im not gonna do this anymore for the new year and then im doing that said thing and im like oh fuck im not suppose to be doing that. ahh well.haha sucks for me but hey. this year im really gonna TRY and stick to it. maybe just maybe. i gotta have faith in me though. oh i just thought of one. im gonna start writing alot in this blog and record all the important and memorable shit that happens to me. again TRY okay. i can't say i'll do it cause im pretty sure i wont do it.

so wait i think im done going to TRY and get myself to write more in this blog.and im gonna go to bed right now.
night foolios.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

im thinking.

hello hello.
yes.i need to get some thoughts out from my brain. sometimes i just wish i was in friggen harry potter. yes besides the fact that harry potter is cool and hogwarts is like the most kick ass place ever.its because i just want dumbledore's penseive. yes. the one where he sticks his wand at his temple and pulls memories and what not and puts it in the penseive to clear his mind.

issues and issues and things just keep popping into my mind. i cant help it. i cant control it.
its just there.
right now i am in a turmoil. im not going to be pouring out my heart into this blog because i dont want people to know me better and i dont want people to take a guess on what kind of person am i. i may be emotional and all but thats normal. people are different likewise when they are just normal. the guessing game is one dangerous game to play. you may just guess something wrong and that will pretty much ruin every kind of perception you have on that person.
so enough about that.

right now. what i want to write about in here is just what im thinking about the human life and things like that.
i mean something just happened and im pretty much not happy about it. i've been trying my best to avoid it. i did everything i can to ignore it but yeah i pretty much just failed at that. am i confusing you? good. lets just keep it this way.
i just want to know why humans can't just detach themselves from their emotions even for a while.
i mean right now i pretty much want to rip my emotions to tired of it. im tired of feeling right now. yeah emotion is they key to life. its how people view us. its how we express ourselves. but doesnt it get tiring at times?
i mean i know life cant be perfect all the time. but when there's the bad moment it happens and you get over it and life goes on. but again. what im saying right now might be confusing and it my words might go around in circles but again.that's not gonna release everything in here. but right now im tired of having this form of emotion that i've had over the past a billion years.
im tired of it. i just want to friggen get over it. i mean come on. im not gaining anything out of it so annoyed at the human emotion right now.

so that is all im going to say right now because im tired of thinking.once my mind is cleared.then i'll write out a proper post.


Friday, October 22, 2010


uh hello long abandoned bloggie.
okay imma do a quick update on whats been going on.
well last 2 weeks adam lambert and paramore happened. sara made it all happen so a big thank you to sara!
met adam lambert on the 14th of October.
he's tall, he's sexy and he's super nice! i swear his concert has got to be the best concert i've even been to in my life. comparing his concert to all the ones i've been to this is pure epicness.
the lights, the dancers, the band and his voice is just eyegasmic and eargasmic.
so yes.go figure how amazing it was. it would've been awesome-er if only i was high.yes.the whole thing would just be killer if i was high.haahha lawlz.

and on the 19th..i think it was the forgetting dates these days.
uhh paramore came down. yeah im a fan of them. i was crazy over them but i grew out of that obsession so it was cool that one of my old dreams came true. meeting them and getting to see them perform live. so im scratching that out from my old wish list.haha so on the concert day we chilled at sara's place first and we went to the stadium early. got the corporate box seating so we were waiting to meet them. met them at the locker room i think. and said hi to all of them.i swear hayley is just too cute. when i was in front of her she gave me the biggest smile and said apa kha. she was trying to figure out how to pronounce khabar and it was just too i helped her out and she said terima kasih after i got my stuff signed. and sara's friend was talking to hayley and i knew sam was waiting in the crowd and she's just obsessed with them. so i grew a pair of balls and got hayley to write "to sam" on the riot cd so i could give it to sam. after that got a group picture and i got a hug from hayley, taylor, josh and jeremy. couldnt find zac.haha and the concert was amazing! met sam after the concert. sam had the picks but these fuckheads attacked her and stole the picks from i gave her the cd and that pretty much made up for everything shitty that happened. she got excited that hayley wrote her name on the cd.hahaaha so overall it was all good. im waiting for the paramore pic so there wont be any pic of me and them for now.

updates later.i wanna go take a shower and maybe go see sam in a bit.

toodles worldd.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


wow seriously.
i've abandoned this blog for like..ages.haha sorry bloggie.
well alot has happened but yes im too lazy to blog everything out.
fasting month went okay.
a lot of shit has happened over the past one month. good days, awesome days, sad days, shit days, overly stressed turned depressed days.
fuck yeah i've never known a more stressful time than august.
come on man august is spose to be my special month coz i came out in august but no. the majority of stressful days overruled the rest of the days.sooo BOO on you stressful days.
yes assignments were overwhelming, people were overall pissing me off, workload is increasing.
okay im gonna go now and i'll get back to this subject later.
i forgot something.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Only Natural

god damn i swear my brain feels like its about to explode at any minute now.
i feel stressed out and the pressure is def on. i mean it's almost 2 months into this semester already and i feel like im suffocating.
joined the nst journalism on campus thing and the workshops are on the weekends so i havent had a weekend for like almost a month now? my weekends are now tuesday and wednesday but i have a feeling it wont be in a while. so i've got college and nst to balance.
trust me im not doing a good job at it. i just realized i've got my monologue test this wednesday and i havent even started on the script and idk how we're suppose to go about for the test. my mandarin is still sucking really seriously. i don't even know one word from the book except ni hao ma and bushe.thats it.okay fine i only know 2 words then. and then there's the assigment for the theater show i went to 2 weeks ago and also the script concept thingy.and i dont know anything about what i've been learning over the past 2 months.i dont know what the hell is happening to me and i seriously need to start working hard to learn everything again.
esp mandarin.i dont want to fail that one.i'll friggen cry if i do man.just a pass would make me happy.ugh.
okay time to go start on my monologue thingy now.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vampire Sucks

i cannot wait to watch this! haha lol i just cant stop watching the trailer ever since sam sent it to me!
she prolly saw the trailer in new york or something.i dunno.haaha but it was effing highlarious i couldnt stop watching it!hahaa i caaan't waaiitt!!
haha both the trailers are highlarious as hell maaan.i love it when "jacob" sprays water all over his body aand this "edward" is cute tooo.bwhaahah cuci mataa!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Temper Temper

was close to losing it yesterday.
idk what happened.i was close to snapping anyways.
i started raising my voice and my tone was getting all pissy.
my brain felt too full of it just seeing how the situation was unfolding.
i was also feeling the tension-ness that was building up because of the situation so yeah. i got all pissed off.
haha much for playing it cool and controlling my temper.epic fail.
i do need to control my temper tho.
i cant go around losing it.
people would start to think in stark raving mad.
that is all.
updates tonight. i shall drown this blog in a picture fest if i feel like it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


okay since i havent been updating this blog im just gonna randomly blog about some of the things i've been doing for the past few weeks or wont be in order so shyeaaah.
okaay i think about 2 weeks ago(?) i accompanied elsa to go pick up her world stage tickets.i did the whole sms thing but yeah i didnt get i wasted rm50 for nothingg.a bit pissed la because i dont sms or call people what the hell was i suppose to do with rm50 worth of credit?and to do those transfer credit thingy and get some cash out of it also cannot coz most of my buddies are hotlink and digi. so yeah.anywaays we got a bit lost trying to find the place was near the curve and elsa didnt know how to get there so i was like her gps system for that whole time.hahaha lol obviously gossiped in the car like mad and then we finally found the her tickets and we went to OU for some much needed chill out time.since she was fasting we didnt go snacking or whatever so we just window shopped and walked around for abit.and elsa wanted to watch toy story 3 so badly so we bought tickets for like the 5 o clock show.we had about 2 hours to kill and then i wanted to go to mph for awhile. she read her magazine and i went looking around for some good books and we went to the 2nd floor of mph and yeah.we basically sat near the kids fantasy section.we had a good view of some park and we just sat there talking and gossipping.yeah we sat there for about an hour and it was something new for us.we're usually at some restaurant we're at a bookshop.haha and then it was movie time! i got some mashed potatoes coz i was really hungry.sorryyy.hahaha as usual the movie was good! i watched it a few weeks back already and i didnt mind watching it again coz the movie was that good!
so after the movie we went to sushi king for elsa to buka puasa.the food was good but damn sad la they didnt have salmon skin.i swear thats like one of my favourite dish now.its so yummy and ahh dangit now im hungry. after dinner elsa dropped me back and that was that for our outing!hahaha
pictures belowww!


There's A First For Everything.

so just got back from my class.
i swear i wanted to cry just now.i usually finish the damn run whenever they ask us to do it.yeah i'll be a bit slow but i never sit out when im halfway running. i actually stopped running coz i couldnt breathe properly. i was like okay it might go away after awhile but then when we started training i couldnt even put enough energy into it. i went to the loo and barfed.
i was like fucck wei.
i had to sit out for like 15 mins or so.
i wanted to cry.
i felt damn weak and pathetic. i havent been going for like 3 weeks but this was just plain week.i did take a few weeks off earlier but i was fine when i started back but i dont know what happened this time.
i was close to effing crying when my partner came to ask me if i was okay.i just nodded. coz my eyes were getting watery.
effing weak.i hate crying infront of people.
but i was able to get back into it and i was only fine because we did some light training after that
this will never happen again.
i wont allow it!
i dont like it when im like this.ugh.

Friday, July 9, 2010

No Hablo Ingles

uh hello.
okay so yeah sorry for the lack of updates. i havent been using the internet in ages. well yeah i do come online but it'll be for only like 1o mins or so and then its bed time.
okay so im still getting used to being a degree student and being away from my old classmates. sigh.i miss my diploma class like mad okay. i havent had the chance to get to know my classmates really well because most of our classes are mixed with the other courses.yeah like the animation, writing and all that. so there'll be like a bunch of people and i dont know who my classmates are.i only know like 2 of them now i guess.i mean i know their names and all that.hahah
so anywaays. classes have been okay i guess.we're dropping some subjects cause apparently we've taken the same subject in our yeaah.that part is still not settled yet because we ourselves arent sure weather we've taken it or know it might be the same name but different knows right but def for sure we're gonna settle the whole thing and then we'll have one less thing to worry about. oh and we got En Zan teaching us for one class! hahaa he's a fun teacher okay! but we're having his classes at night so at least i wont be sleepy.morning classes makes me sleepy and hence the reason why i cant concentrate sometimes.
and im also trying to get the hang of waking up early in the morning for classes.well most of my classes starts at 10.30am but because of armand's classes which are at 8.30am we have to wake up to send him to class. so yeaaah.i mean i have been getting enough sleep i guess but not as much as when i was on holiday.i'd be hibernating for 12 hours but now its just like 4-6 hours.its a shock to the body i tell you. and when i wake up its still dark outside.its not right i tell you! the sun should be up first then us.hahahaha well i love sleep okay. so yeah i've been living on wonka sweets in class to stay'll all be finished by the end of the day tho because i'd be sharing it with wek and mel.haha so that means i need to stock up on my supplies.if not.zzzzz.

okay so i really have no idea what to write now.prolly update later when i have an idea on what to blog about.hahaha okay so now im gonna finish typing some stuff out so that'll be one work less to finish.

Monday, July 5, 2010


remember like how years ago back in the 90's the boyband era was in full swing? yeah so my all time favourite band was seriously.i freaking love them.haha their songs and also their boy-ish good looks.and i had the most biggest crush ever on Ben Adams.

yes his hair and his cute lil boyish face.and when he sings and his voice and when he gives that cute smile of his.yes.back then the swoon factor went over the roof okay. so yeah as years passed on A1 broke up and that was that. the boyband era slowly started to fade away and i started listening to other kinds of genres in music. i sort of forgot about the boyband era as i started to grow up and all that...but last sunday i was cleaning my room and i didnt want my room to be filled with guitar riffs and heavy drumming so i was like what the hell am i going to listen to now? then i saw A1 cd.

haha yes Here We Come!haha i was playing that cd on repeat and singing along while mopping the floor.haha and i was like kinda shocked cause i actually remembered the lyrics! like the whole songs okay!i was singing along to ready or not like a bazillion times. haha god damnit i miss those days when mtv would play all their videos and have those like special segments about them and i'd just sit in front of the tv and plaster my face to the screen whenever they come on.haha so anyways i got curious about what they were doing now.each are having their own solo projects and all that.and then i got curious about how did he look like now after all these years when the last picture i saw of him was like god knows how many years i googled him. and ohmygod.he got even hotter okay.i was like ooooh daayumm! age has been good to you ben!haha he was still good looking as ever but gone was that innocent looking squeaky clean boy and in those pictures i saww.A MAN.hahah

look at the sexiness that is ben!

bwahahah! i seriously didnt expect him to be this sexy! i wanna put a picture of him like the one on the attitude magazine cover but i think my mum and dad wont be too happy if they see a full size HQ picture of him naked and his member being covered.hahahaa!so okay im done going gaga over his hotness!

Ready Or Not

okay so today was the first day of the semester. since i got into the degree program as usual everything was sort of starting from scratch again. woke up bright and early and woke mel and armand up aswell. it felt weird waking up early and going to college again.ngeh.prolly get used to it in a few weeks.haha so yeah arrived in puncak and saw liyana bj.we chilled with bj until like 10.30 cause she had class then. sarah joined us later.we went to the office to send in our files and then after that it was like what are we suppose to do now?oh and the office people gave us a file each where our subjects and all the other things were in there and guess whaat.i have to take up a 3rd language! i have a choice of italian, mandarin or japanese. i wanted to take italian first cause yeah it sounded awesome and it might be easier to learn i guess but my parents wanted me to take mandarin. my mum kept telling me to take mandarin cause my dad speaks mandarin so he could teach us aswell so it'll be easier.and everyone else is saying i should take im guessing i'll be taking mandarin then.
after settling the college stuff we went off for lunch at mcd and then we chilled there for god knows how long until mel called tajol. wek wasnt picking up his phone and yeah the boys are housemates and stuff.tajol, fizul,alif and fareez were at kandang so we drove to kandang but we dropped sarah back home first. chilled with them for a while and ohmygod la those boys i tell you! they couldnt stop like poking us about the fact that we got into the degree program.haha everything we say they'll turn it and say "yeah.its a degree thing.we're just diploma."
that was basically how my first day went.just like that.and when i got back home my dad was speaking mandarin to me.class havent started yet and he's doing it already.pergh. my mum even said once class starts we're gonna have to start speaking mandarin to our dad.haha next thing you know im gonna rojak all 3 languages once i understand mandarin.
so yeah right now im sleepy as gonna go get my stuff ready for tomorrow and read some Harry Potter and then its bed good night y'all!
im gonna try and remember to take pictures in college to fill up the blog! i keep forgetting.hahaha


leave me gonna rave about my love for Bowling For Soup.

yeah i know they came out waay before Girl All The Bad Guys Want but i was a fan after i heard that song and saw the video. remember the time when cassettes were still in exsistance? yeah if im not mistaken it was either me or my brother who bought the Bowling For Soup's drunk enough to dance cassette.hahaha and i couldnt stop listening to the friggen thing non stop! this band was different from all of the other bands i've ever listened to.i bought their cd's aswell.haha this band makes me beyond HAPPY.their music is totally amazing and when i say different believe me IT IS different.the lyrics are like whoaa! i've never heard any band like that so that def makes them special in my book :)

and their videos.ohmygod la. so amusing okay! i mean seriously dudes. my all time favourite would be girl all the bad guys want and also 1985. fucking funny as hell! yeah sure there are alot of funny videos that are parodies and stuff but somehow BFS makes it special.thats why i love them for it. i wish they would come down here tho.i will be lining up hours before the concert starts and i will be speechless as hell if i ever have the chance to meet them one daay! BFS for liiife <3 style="color: rgb(102, 0, 204);">

Saturday, July 3, 2010


yes germany won the match against argentina.
i remember a few weeks ago when the world cup started i was rooting for like argentina, germany, france and england.
but then when it came down to choosing just one team i rooted for germany.
4 years ago i was rooting for them.and 4 years later i still am rooting for them.
my loyalties in the world cup lies with germany.always have!
next world cup i will still be rooting for them. when im old an in my wheelchair i'll still do the same!
*even if i cant keep my eyes open to watch them.i bet you when im old i'll start dozing off easily haha*
no matter what they will always have my support in this!
go germany!make all of us who are rooting for you proud!


i had a super kick ass day today.i sweaar.haha okay so today was the fourian fare.yes my old school. i havent stepped foot in that school ever since i left it. i was always meaning to go visit one day so finally that day came when mel said the school was having a carnival thingy.why the heck we planned to go with mona..i thought we would go at 10 or something since the fare started at 8am..but mel said we'll go at 12.well duh she was sleeping and i woke her got ready around 11 something and we left.ohmygod we had to circle the school twice to get parking okay.finally found one at the housing area opposite the school. we went through the field since they build a walkway there.didnt have it during my time.ish. i remembered last time i had to cut through the muddy field to get back shoes were constantly anyways while we passed the canteen me and mel were like reminicing our time when we were in school.
we passed that bench thingy near the guard house and i flashbacked to the time where i was sitting there early in the morning with my friends just talking to them about god knows what until we started meeting up in the canteen instead.they had the flying fox jaw just like dropped.A FLY FOX IN SCHOOL.HOW THE HELL DID THEY MANAGE THAT?! yeah the girls toilet 3rd floor.people were like coming down from there but not using the stairs okay.flying fox style.and then i saw the tapak damn jealous okay.why didnt WE have it back in OUR time in school.yeah like a kick ass big fair carnival thingy.siigh.what to do.
so anyywaays.met mona somewhere amongst the tents.2 of mel and mona's friends were there but i didnt catch their name.hehe. so yeaah it got damn hot after that. i was sweating like mad.walked around looking at the stalls and i had no idea what to buy.mel gave me her rm20 coupon to buy whatever i want.i didnt know what! i wasnt even hungry but i had to use it i bought 3 cupcakes.and some soft drinks.and i had rm16 left.bought mona some drinks aswell tho and since i didnt know what to do with the coupons i bought candy. and gave some to mona. and then we walked around some more and again i had like rm7 worth of coupons. mona left around 1 something to go someplace so me and mel went wandering around the place some more and we bought more drinks that cost us like rm2 but we gave the girl all our coupons.yeah we had no idea what to use them for! i wanted to go upstairs to see the classrooms and the toilet and stuff to see if anything changed..mel walked into the bilik guru and talked to her old teacher and guess what we just found out.they changed the class name.yeah.there's no more cempaka, anggerik, melur, rafflesia and all far the only ones i caught were mozart and aristotle.and yeaah i was quite sad la the names of the class were apart of the school when it started and then it just changed.the cempaka class is no longer in exsistance. RIP old cempaka will be missed.*tears* oh and i noticed they extented the bilik guru.i felt that something was different when i was outside the door and im like ehhhh they extended it! so there's MORE teachers now.haha
okay so anywaaays we walked around and mel was snapping pictures of me and the crowd below.haha we passed by our old classrooms and they now have projectors.umm.yeah.spotted it in the old rafflesia class.never had projectors back in OUR days.haha im getting all jealous of the usj 4 students now. the school is so pretty now okay! yeah some things maintain but there was this really pretty painting on the wall outside the art class and outside of the school office.ohmygod trophy case and that whole area looked damn fancy. but yeah we went up the stairs to the girls toilet. lets just say that part maintained but it was uhh...more decorated? couldnt go in tho cause of the flying fox thingy was outside the girls toilet so told to time i'll come visit you dear toilet.haha walked around some more and then when we were done we left cause i wanted to go to of the fare beloww!

okay so after the fare we went to empire shopping gallery.its been open for a while but i never went there finally i got to see the was okay i guess.found this really cool ass shop where the tshirts are beyond funny/cool.haha walked around some more and i wanted some wonka candy so went into the grocerry place thingy and got them.pretty much went mad when i saw them. choices choices.decision decision.haha finally got what i wanted paid and left.mel then wanted to treat me to some sushi as an early birthday present to we went to parade for yummy okaay. prawns, crabsticks, baby octopus.uggh.moreee.hahah after sushi we walked around for a bit and then we went hooomee.

overall today was a very very very very super duper awesome day. fourian fare, sushi and wonka candy.what more could i ask for?

yes im a very very happy girl :)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Westbound & Down

alrighty so today was the registeration for the degree thingy right. and guess eyes decided to be super mean to me.they didnt want to get tired.buggers. yeah so guess what.i slept only around 6.30++ and woke up around 7am.and obviously i had like the whole i'll get up in 5 mins thing.wek apparently woke mel up because he didnt sleep. so while mel was busy talking to wek i took my shower and got ready. i was already ready by 8am and then mel told me we're gonna pick sarah up at the ktm at around 8.40-9am like that. damn sad okay.i could've gotten an extra 30 mins of sleep if she told me earlier.sobbb.haha so we checked all the documents while waiting for sarah's call and we left when she finally called.picked her up at the ktm station near parade there and we went to puncak to meet up with wek and get the documents that were apparently needed for the registeration course.we checked earlier and the office told us we didnt need it but apprently its compulsary to have the document.siigh.arrived at puncak and we drove around trying to spot wek's car and we waited for him.he joined us and we went to the office to get the other things done for the we filled in the forms and all and waited for our documents. saw some lecturers hanging around the office and then ayah agi came and we went up to ayah agi's office. he signed some of the things that needed signing and he was explaing to us about the whole jump to degree program.basically the benefits of it all. we left after like 20 mins to get our letter from the the letter and we headed to kandang because wek didnt print out any of the documents that was needed for this degree registeration. so we chilled at kandang while he filled out his forms and all that and we headed to mcd at shah alam to wait for the lunch hour to be over.we ate our lunch and chilled and wek was sleepy and he dozed off.yes.i have pictures but im nice so i wont post them up here.haha. so yeah i was like wifi-ing through my phone and sam was like spamming my wall with random messages.haha so spam war went on for a while and she kept on telling me to go online.kept on saying my phone can't do that and she kept on insisting i get my arse online.sigh.haha she finally realized i said phone after a few comments.hahah so she called me and we were like chatting on the phone about stuff.yeaah stuff. then mel and wek said they had to go send fareez some of his stuff that was in weks car so im like alright cause i didnt think it would take that long and after being on the phone for an hour with sam they still werent back.i was getting worried coz the registertation ended at 4pm and it was like 3.20pm by the time they arrived.thira lead the way with another car cause we didnt know where the place there and we had to fill out more stuff and it was like being in diploma all over again when i first registered.but this took just a short while because there was no one left.haha got a new file and then got my picture taken for my new student card. and yeah the guy who took my picture was wek's friend.he was friendly and all telling me he needed my id and file and rm25.i thought he was serious so i took my ic out and my wallet to take out some cash and he just said he was joking.hahaha i felt damn stupid after that.gullible. he checked my id and then he asked if i was from this course and all and i said yeah and he said he had a friend in that course so i asked who, what course, diploma and degree and the guy answered and said his friend's name was wek.hahahahaahha small world man.i was like wek? oh he's coming in soon.he's still in the other registeration his friend.hahaha then wek came and was all like heeey this is my friend from the office.hahaha again.such a small world. so everyone got their picture taken and then we were took the whole day but only a 15min process to get everything registered.hahahah so yeahh sarah went back with thira and wek followed us to get his car at mcd. after dropping him off we headed back home.and here i am.sleepy and tired but glad that there wasnt any problems with the registration. college starts on monday so im gonna just be chilling during the weekend enjoying the last days of my semester break. oh and i toook a few pictures today. not that many tho cause i was tired as helll.hahah

mel.she drove us all over the place today.hahaahah
no one is allowed to drive the savvy but now armand gets to drive it.
im still scared shitless after what happened the last time i drove it.haha

sleepy as hell.

this is sarah! she gets all the information.
god only knows how she does it.

this is wek.he was bald.
now he has hair.
and i can't call him botak anymore.

okay so thats basically going to take a nap right now cause im so freaking close to falling asleep on my laptop.
soooo.good night!
will update later if i feel like it!

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