Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Quest

okay so during my study week break elsa came over for our hang out session. we planned on watching a movie and getting some pizza to munch on..sadly we didnt get to watch alice in wonderland so we ended up watching percy jackson and the lightning theif instead. the movie was goood but the food was even betterr.hahaha and as usual we were gossiping and bitching about shitloads of things but then during dinner time we went to pyramid with mel and khalida for some sushi. we didnt know what to have at first but yeah.sushi was the choice. we ate at sushi king and we walked around a bit looking at stuff and that was thaat.haha

i forgot when i went for waffles. i had this sudden craving for waffles that i got pissed at people and things for slowing me down from getting my waffles.i couldnt stand it.i havent had yummy scrumptious waffles in ages and the thought of biting into the waffles with ice cream was making me impatient.hahaha but it was good waffles!

more updates later.going to get ready for tajol's brother's wedding.
ngeee.what to wear..what to wear..hmmm.



hello humans!
sorry for the lack of updates. been really lazy plus i had my finals.which i am happy to say IS OVER. thank you anyways..last week after the bel exam.wait sorry.i mean saturday i went over to sam's place coz she invited me over for dinner with her family and tasha. so yeah i wanted to go get balloons at bangsar to stick shayley's face on it for sam but the shop was closed.what the yeah that plan didnt work out so i went over to her place and i accompanied sam and tasha to the pharmacy to get something..uhh.yeah.something inneresting.haha and then we got ice.i swear the food was effing good. i LOVE sam's sister's stew. beef i was yummyyyy! then there was yeah it was cake time after that.fuhh.sam's cake was effing cool wei. its a replica of her red bass and the cake was awesome! poor sammy had a hard time getting the courage to cut the cake.its seriously pretty and its painful to cut something so prettyy.hahaha omg and it was so cute that omar kept going to the cake like he couldnt wait to eat it.he's sooo adorable!look at the caaaake!oh and there was pie and ice cream but i forgot to take a picture of that.haha
after the food sam, her sister, tasha and i were just having random conversations about god only knows what. i mean we just didnt stick to one topic or even finish the topic we were all talking just jumped to something else.hahahah but it was mayyjaah fun. we even lay down at the play area and continued our discussion there.hahaah more updates soon when i finish clearing my photos off my phone!


Friday, April 23, 2010


yes humans! this sexay lady right here just turned 19!!hahahaha! yes thats right she's joined the 19 club!mwahah and sam the + on mine still doesnt count :P
so yes about sam. she's an amazing friend of mine. i've only known her for about a year and 4 months (damn specific no?haha) now but yes.she's one of the special few that i love to have around me. she's always there when i need some place to rant over something thats going on.she's always cracking up jokes that makes my stomach hurt and she's always stuffing good music into my ear, the crazy ass dances that are done in her car whenever we go out for lunch or just to go out and lepak somewhere and we'd be making fun about random ass shit no matter what it is!i'd write down the things that she's done for me and the things that we do together but those are kinda P&C and plus its a year and 4 months of me knowing her so go figure how long the blog post will be.hahaaand sammyy im really glad you liked your present! im sorry i couldnt get you your shayley on a piano with whipped cream on him or something like that or even a life size blow up poster of shayley.ngeeee! one day when im super rich i'll try and get that present done for you okeyh!hahaha
so now i shall further bombard this post with pictures of sam!mwhahaahha

okay now below are pictures of me and sam.yes we were going through our AAR phase. hahaha


p.s: 20 next year.HAHAAA!
love you saammm!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Truest meaning of FML.

so was the first time i ever felt the true meaning of FML.
so we had classes today.i woke up and then printed me and sam's assignments so that i could pass it to fizul instead. mum told me armand took the kancil and i was like shit im car-less.
i couldnt take da's car coz her parents were coming today. so my mum told me to take the savvy.i was like driving the savvy ALONE.hahaha damn i got excited lah.
so yeah i was too excited to drive the car i forgot to pull the side mirror i had to pull over and push it out.then i made my way to puncak.everything was going smoothly until i passed bukit jelutong and went up the hill and the before the traffic light BAM. i went over a bump of some sort and then the car started going ge de gang ge de gang ge de gang.and i was shit scared coz i thought i broke something and i was thinking my mum is going to rip my ass out for breaking the car again. so yeah i called her and she was like maybe the tire punctured.but then i could tell she wasnt happy already. so i called the first person i could think of which was sam and sam wanted to come and help me but she couldnt get off from work so she wanted to guide me to replace the tires and stuff but i was scared i'd break something she told me to call the boys since i was near puncak.
i called wek, alif, and tajol and none of them picked up. i didnt want to call fareez and fizul coz they had a test for their koko. so i was feeling all shitty when tajol texted me and asked me whats up.i called him and told him what happened and he said he'll come and from then on i was on the phone with my mum, my dad, armand, sam and tajol.armand was in puncak for his kesatria exam and he picked tajol and pedro up. they both got to work on the car and then there were some problems because the road wasnt even and the car wasnt going up. then when they finally got the car up the tools were too big for the tire rims because my dad changed it so the nuts(i think) were smalled.
so were at the side of the road thinking about what to do when i called my mum and told her what happend. she was telling me to find a mechanic but then i didnt want to so my dad called me and told me there's the special thingy for the nut.i was literally throwing shit out of the dashboard to look for that thingy. finally found it and the boys could finally change the tire. i felt bad for waking them up at such an ungodly hour of 10:00am. yes.thats too early for anyone to wake up on a saturday.haha for us lah. so anyways i decided to buy them lunch.
drove them to pizza hut and i got those set thingy and practically made them eat everything. it was their reward for helping me out and on the way to pizza hut fareez called and then tajol told him i was buying them lunch and i was like who fixed the car only gets the free food.ahahaha sorry lah.
so yeah we ate and gossiped and talk for a while then fry called and asked for my help.he wanted me to pick him up at pkns.haha so yeah after the food was finished we sort of talked some more then we remembered we had to pick fry up.hahaa we picked him up and wek called before that to ask if everything was yeah dropped tajol, fry and pedro back at puncak and came back home.
so yeah.during the whole episode when the tire was effed i was like seriously fml.of all freaking days i had to get a punctured tire.what to do. one of those thiings in just glad i have amazing friends to help and accompany me when shit like this happens.
thanks guyysss :)


Drain The Blood

followed the guys to their jamming session on usual i had a super uber fun time!
hahaha so it was just me, mel, fry, bbie, fareez, alif, tajol, wek and fizul. we went to one of this jamming studio in god knows what seksyen.i forgot. im bad with roads. so yeah. we went there and it was 2 hours of jamming time for them. they played some avenged sevenfold, offspring and sheila on 7. and they even attempted to play cradle of filth's nymphetamine. fareez didnt know the song so wek wanted mel to sing it and she said she didnt know the song and she told me to sing it. i do know the song but i didnt want to butcher it coz i cant sing to save my life! hahaha after break time they decided to try nymphetamine again and this time i sang.yeah. i TRIED and it was bad.haha i didnt know which lines went where.and before that i sang lady gaga's bad romance which they covered and i was sucking badly on that one. hahaah i didnt even know when to pause.hahaah i salute singers now. their job looked easy.i now realize its not.hahahaah
so yeah after the jamming session wek wanted to bring us to murni which was in kelana jaya.i swear the name of their drinks are effing adorable. i miss you i love you and pink panther. that was what we ordered.and the food was amazing.i ordered their chicken chop and it was yummy and the portion was huuugeee.we were practically passing plates and forks along the table so everyone got to taste everyone's meal.hahaaha it was overall a good night tho.
pictures below! enjoyy!

Chicken On A Stick.

i forgot what day this was but after class mel and i went out with khalida to go see kak liza! she came down from penang for some work and since we had classes the next day we all decided to meet up that night instead. khalida mel and i were chilling at the rock cafe first and then kak liza joined us around 11pm.hahaa that i remember coz da had to go fetch yeah pictures below of satay time and good times.hahaha


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