Sunday, May 16, 2010


so im still on my semester break and i am doing abso-fuckin-loutly nothing.
and i am happy doing so. i've been reading alot of books lately.yes with all thats been happening during the past 4 months i wasnt able to touch a freaking book. yes i love have NO idea how far my love for books go. no bending. nothing.
so anyways.had another and LAST tooth extraction on friday. yeah i had 2 extractions.the week before i had one done coz my tooth was decaying.yes gross i know.could patch it up but the dentist said i might as well extract both sides coz my wisdom tooth would be coming up soon and shit so im like okay.
i shit you not it was fucking painful. yeah the dentist injected some shit but my lips were hurting coz i have no idea what he used to extract the tooth but the preassure was all on my lips. i think the denstist thought the meds got to my head or something coz after the first extraction i saw all the cotton covered in my blood and my tooth lying on the metallic table thingy i started laughing and going holy shit with cotton in my mouth.hahah oh and i was on freaking painkillers for like 2-3 was hurting like a bitch. and i couldnt eat all the yummy food that HAD to appear after my extraction.why couldnt all the good ones come BEFORE the extraction.sigh.damn sad okay.
but the 2nd extraction was still as painful as the first one but its healing quite fast.the first one toook almost a week to heal. right now my gums are just swollen but it doesnt hurt unless i chew. damn.liquids for another week.sigh.i've been living on soup since yesterday.hahaha i cant wait to be able to chew going to get a freaking subway sandwich coz i've been craving for it for about a week now.uggggh.
oh and i still dont know if im starting kickboxing classes or not. it either dancing or kickboxing.i still cant decide which and i've got until next month to make my decision. siiigh.
anyways im off to make some soup.coz im fungry.yes.fungry.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tokio Hotel

let me just start off by saying last night tokio hotel was beyond awesome! seriously!
okay2 let me just get through what happened the whole day..they were having a signing session at one utama at 11.30am. i didnt know if i wanted to go or not cause if i did i'll have to go buy a cd and line up and plus tajol invited me and mel over for his brother's wedding in kepong and i didnt want to miss that.but i had to go to one utama in the morning to redeem my tickets lah. so cousin sent me there and she went off to setiawangsa with shahril, wani and mel to visit her uncle. so yeah i roamed OU looking for the counter and then i ended up somewhere and i saw the redemption counter and a long ass line that meant the signing session.again i was torn and i didnt know if i should stay for it and meet bill kaulitz or not. so yeah i lined up and i was actually at the wrong counter coz the place where i was suppose to redeem my tickets were outside near the stage. i waited damn fucking long in line yeah i called denise coz i knew she was gonna be there early. big tokio hotel fan i met her and then fuck it lah.i decided to get the freaking cd and line up with her.i might never meet bill ever again.
so we lined up and made stupid jokes and then denise and melissa's picture got taken by this reporter coz they were both wearing kaulitz jerseys.custom okay.hahaha so yeah and then the boys came. i swear i couldnt see shit coz i was short as hell. hahaha and they were it was good. i swear when i got up i was actually super excited to see bill.and i saw him in all his awesome glory. black eyeliner, leather gloves, white shirt, his gladiator helmet hair.uiiish. i wanted to at least shake his hand and he was like busy signing with his right hand and he looked up and saw my hand sticking out he held my hand with his left hand.uish. i wanted to faint.i didnt shake bill kaulitz hand.i held it.HAAHAHAH got difference okay.LAWLZZ. and he looked into my eye and gave this beautiful smile when i said hi earlier.heehehehee i feel like a little girl then.hahha so yeah then i said hi to tom and he smiled at me and said hi.and then georg also smiled and said hi at me.heheeheheh i didnt get to say anything to gustav coz they were shooing me off the stage.
chilled for awhile watching them do their signing.left after a while and arrived back home well before 1pm. i waited for mel to come back from setiawangsa to go to the wedding but she arrived home around 1 something.along that line the car was missing for awhile, and there were a few problems happening and we only left the house around 3pm. and guess what.on the way to kepong we were making good time but then we got lost. yes.we somehow ended up in KL.mel said tajol said it was somewhere near tawakal hospital and then we had to call wek and then when we were making our way there wek said they were already clearing up and tajol wasnt there.i felt damn bad and called tajol to tell him what happened. pasal sesat la we missed it.siiigh.
so yeah. we went to OU for the concert after that. the line was long and i already planned to not get squished by humans so mel and i opted to stand at the back and just watch from there. im old for these sort of things.pfffft.unless its etf or something like that then sorry la but i'll go damn depan and i'll chain my effing body to those metal barriers.hahaaha so yeah we wandered around OU and went back out around 7pm..we went in then coz the gates opened but then nothing started and they were playing club rnb songs and that sort of music aint my cup o tea so i wanted to leave until the show really started.went back into ou and merayap..then we went out again and into the venue.then pop shuvit performed and then bunkface performed.we acutally stood outside the venue for a while coz i thought the view was good.but shit la.i was wrong.inside at the back was even better.they started playing those club songs again when they were clearing the stage and i got bored again then there were these people who went to the back and started dancing.holy shit wei.they were freaking amazing! i mean i was just watching them dance and they're really really really good at it. okay so around 9pm tokio hotel came out..they opened the concert with noise.ahhh i couldnt see shit at first but after a few minutes of finding the right spot i could see better.and thank god they're all tall. sorry the pictures are shit but my arms were weak trying to find the right angle and people kept bumping into me. their performance overall was freaking brilliant.i love how bill moves onstage.its just sexy.and i dont care if you all say he's gay or not.i still love him no matter what.haha and it was really cool georg had like a fan or something coz his hair kept like flying and it was awesomeeee.tom was cool just getting on the platform and shit doing his thing.i couldnt really see much of gustav coz he was just like at the back. and i am short and he was sitting yeaah.go figure.
after the concert we went to visit ika for a while...stayed until 12.30 and went back home.yeah early right. got back home and i just crashed.i was too tired.i woke up at freaking 8am and the night before some things happened that cant be mentioned on here.haahahahahahah memorieeeessss.
pictures below!

thanks to TM for bringing them down and giving us the chance to catch them live!
special thanks to sam for the concert tickets and to melissa, denise and aaron for letting me que with them during the signing session! i love you guys!


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