Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This War Is Ours

im baack.yes i know i've been abandoning this blog like mad.
been away and lol i just realized i havent blogged in like what..2 weeks?whoopss.
anyways did good for my exam! scored the deans list.wheee.oh and last week i got the results.i applied for the jump to degree program and i got in.so yeah.im starting my first semester of degree next week on monday.siigh.i wont be in the sam class as sam okay.damn sad tau.only me,sarah, mel and wek applied for the degree thing and we got in.sam wants to take something else for her degree but dangit we will still be hanging out in college! my right side will feel damn empty okay.she's been sitting on my right for the past one a half years.and now i wont be spending that much time in her myvi :(
anyways we went to melaka on thursday.yes.finally.i actually went to melaka.but i didnt get to see all those historical places.i didnt step foot into the museum ship thingy tho.took some pictures there that will soon be uploaded here.hahaha we only stayed for two hours so there isnt much to blog about coz we kept on staying at one place for like an hour because of the weather and we didnt know where to go.
okay so anyways.singapore.yeah i've always wanted to go there and yeah i finally went there on saturday.yeah i actually survived without the internet.thats how cool i am!well....i actually wanted to die.yes.boredom was effing killing me okay.i was stuck in the hotel room late at night and i sleep around 2-3am.and we're usually back at the hotel by 10pm.go figure.bored okay.and im not a fan of watching tv so yeah.got more bored. chilled with aunty fong and crashed at her place aswell.we were actually staying in JB since thursday but mel,me,armand,aunty fong and ah cheng went off to singapore on thursday. didnt get to see much tho.we were only in orchard road. i got a new handbag, a new checkered shirt and fuck yes the colour resembles the one that tyson has!bwahah but mine is short sleeve and the checkered prints are a tad bit different.hahaha oh and i finally got my escape the fate this war is our's cd.yes.FINALLY. they dont sell it here so yeah.i spent my last remaining money on the cd. 45dollars.yesh.almost RM100 for it.dangit now that i stated the price in ringgit malaysia it does sound kinda bad that i spent that much on ONE cd.but hey.im happy with it! im listening to it now as we speak! bwahahaha oh and i got some cool joker button badges! and mel gifted me with a goth badge.she thought it would be funny coz the statements on the badge are so effing emo.i actually wanted to get some souveniers for some friends but alas. i had no time to do more sightseeing around singapore to see the local attractions and all that.i really wanted to see the Singapore Merlion.i've always wanted to see it coz everytime an ad on tv comes up about singapore i always see the Merlion.next time im in singapore i WILL see the Merlion and i WILL get souveneirs for friends!haha okay what else..ohhh mum and dad bought me two new sneakers when we were back in JB.and i friggen love it!!!well my parents kept bugging me to get new sneakers coz my old ones were literally in bad shape.there's holes at the soles of both shoes.the sides we're tearing and it was all dirty but hey.they're comfy and im attached to them.its sad tho that i wont be wearing them anymore.memories.i kept the laces tho.hahaha
eventho i had a good time in JB and Singapore i really wanted to get back home early.i just wanted to go for a day and come back. i mean yeah i dont go there often but i was really worried about charlie. yeah okay my cat.leave me alone.she means more to me than anything else. i was actually damn close to not wanting to go to Singapore because being away from charlie for a week was damn long. true enough when i came back she was sitting on my neighbours roof, she was never home when mona came to check on the house, she was starving and she was dusty all over and she has a scab at the back of her ear.and i brought her into the room since 8pm and she's been zonking in and out of sleep for a while now.yeah.next holiday will have to wait longer and im saving up so i can send her to the animal hotel or something. she worries the hell out of me.
okay so im done blaberring now.im gonna upload the pictures soon tho.im just waiting for the batteries to charge so i can get them out.ngeeh.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Love

okay so lets start off with thursday first cause i really dont remember what happened over the week but yeah. so on thursday mel made plans with wek to meet up with tajol for pizza and stuff so plan was confirmed but then my mum told us that aunty didi was having a bbq at her place.just us and her family. so we were like okay lah.we'll go to her place first and then we'll go meet up with wek in shah alam.chilled at her place for about 2 hours tho. dad was chef for the night. he did all the cooking and the food was good. ate quite a lot lah. lamb, chicken, mashed potatoes and yeah.that was it. we left aunty didi's place around like 9pm i think coz armand said his friends wanted to meet up so he needed the kancil that was at home so we drove home and what the fuck wei. the road was jammed up like it was 6.30pm.yeah when people come back from work kind of jam. it was moving slowly and we were stuck in the jam for about 30mins or more.in the car i told mel to call the pizza people and order coz i was afraid we were gonna be stuck there longer. so we actually finished ordering and we were still stuck. cars were moving slowly. turns out a car died in the middle lane..and up ahead there was an accident.yeah. we dropped armand home and drove off to shah alam.reached there around 10pm something and we waited for wek outside dominos..covoyed to kl to pick tajol up..while waiting for tajol wek came over to our car and the bugger got hair wei. yeah like seriously.not the short stubby hair he usually sports before he shaves it off.im talking mini mohawk like fareez.haha tehteh.lawlz.so we chilled for awhile and tajol came.haha he chopped half his goatee off! and he looked like he lost some weight but darn was it good seeing those boys.and he's the thing we went to nz and it was full.and we went to another nz and they didnt know we had drinks so we drove again some place else in titiwangsa to sit at some gazebo thingy.yeah.we reached there before midnight. hahah kinda wtf wei. driving around kl to find a place to eat the pizza.well as usual they devoured 2 large pizza and half a regular pizza.i only had a slice tho. aunty didi's food was not digested yet.bwhahaa so we were gossipping and shit during the whole time we were eating.oh and i brought the camera to take pictures of our chill session and the food but then when the food was gone and stuff i was like shit.i didnt take any pictures so i just took pictures of the box as you can see below in the pics i posted..anywayas we wanted to go check out exam results.yeah.mel brought her laptop along with her so we went to stevens for the wifi.couldnt get onto the website.kinda wtf. oh and i've been trying to check my results since afternoon and then i thought by 2am it'll be easier to access the website or something but still no luck.so chilled for awhile there and tajol and wek left coz they were working the next day.said goodbye and they chowed.oh and mel's friends were there.chilled with them but one of them named gary was cracking jokes before we left so that was fun.haha got back home near 5am and still couldnt check the results.

so anyways those are the pictures.and then i sorta crashed around 7am. and i woke up at 12pm coz the examination results were bugging me.i was still in suspense and kinda pissed coz usually when we want to check our results yeah getting in is hard but it usually take 2 hours or more.this was like a whole day and we couldnt get in and when i checked mine the next day i got in but i had to look thru the mini transcript thingy coz the examination results link didnt want to open. saw my results and my jaw sort of dropped.im happy to say i passed my papers! no fails or anything and i did better than expected so thank you god for that.haha im planning on buying myself something.a present of some sorts.haha maybe i'll drop by starbucks and get some ice blended drink or something.hahaha so thats it for now..i'll be updating things later i guess.if i feel like it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fly By

honestly this is quite sad. i've been doing basically nothing ever since the semester break started and i actually dont remember the days anymore.yeah.like seriously.
was in the kitchen with mummy yesterday and i dont know what happened and somehow the days came up and i confidently told my mum it was thursday. and she was like no its saturday and i was working myself up on an argument that it was thursday and that she's the one forgetting the days and then my dad came in and all and then my mum was getting some back up from him and then she pointed at the calander hanging from the fridge and she was telling me the date pointing at the day and it was a freaking saturday.
damn embarassing okay.
i was pretty sure it was a thursday. heh. so sad. so yeah. my mum then started nagging about the fact that im doing nothing at home and apparently chores dont count. hahaha i love my mummyyyy <3<3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Like Fine Wine?

fine wine ages well right? heh. i hope i age gracefully.pah.
okay so im texting sam like right now and i told her how im actually listening to pop songs right now.yeah the one im annoyed with usually. sam knows which songs im talking about tho and yes i agree with her that songs like that are blasphemy to music. i mean the singers cant sing but they're relying on freaking technology to make the song better.and im listening to that now. sam owes me a slap or something down my throat. blargh.
and she mentioned to me she saw a hollywood undead video at f.o.s earlier. i swear those guys are really getting bigger and bigger right now. i almost had a heart attack when i saw 'young' playing on the telly. yeah i dont know them and all but i felt really really really super proud of them because they're getting really big and known right now.they deserve it with the kind of music they're making. okay you know how like myspace has well known internet celebrities? yeah i was like a huge jeffree star fan and im still a fan of course so i somehow stumbled upon hollywood undead's page and ohmygod i was like freaking blown away.and that was like almost 4-5 years ago and with where they are now i cant help but be proud of them.same goes for jeffree star's we want cunt? i fucking love it up to this day.legendary.and also the medic droid? i fucking love them and their songs. its sad that they've broken up but hey i still love them all. lesson here..myspace lets you know about great and amazing music.
anyways. sam said that me listening to pop-ish songs is maybe because im aging.haha 20 is not that old yet but i just hope it goes away. im gonna shove my ears with some hollywood undead, etf and HIM or whatever for a few days now. i mean i dont think i can live without some good old REAL music. i want my children to listen to the things im listening to! not the pop songs please. hahaha.
okay i know this is completely freaking random but i want to watch childs play.yes. the chucky film. i dont know why tho. i just wanna watch it.

Far Far Away

some friends of mine are going away and some are being drowned in assignments and exams.. sam will be going away to new york for a month and another friend of mine just flew off to australia for 2 weeks and elsa is going away to singapore for the weekend and she has college to deal with and well khalida is away in penang.still far okay. waaahh im totally missing everyone.
this best buddy of mine,sam, is going off next week and i will not be basking in sam-ness for a month. yeah and i didnt see her for the whole month of may aswell beacuse she was down with a contagious sickness that took ages to go away.stupid sickness thingy. and then we got to go to the zoo for like a day after she was alright! that was fun and the session and dinner at her place.haha have fun in new york sam! dont forget to come back okayy! who am i gonna kacau for the next one month?!haha but im gonna be seeing her before she leaves tho!
and that friend of mine who went to australia well i've been hanging out with this person like a few times a week every week without fail and now that this person is gone for like 2 weeks its kinda hard not seeing this person at all.i miss you human who cannot be mention but will be mentioned soon enough!haha
and elsalvador.my other best buddy is going to singapore for idk how long and her college is taking her away from me! particularly her exams!i miss my buddyyy! and then she's going off to singapore this weekend i think.siigh.im gonna make it my mission to see her next week! i'll drive to her freaking college if i must!
and my cousin khalida! she's been away for a month now and my partner in crime is missing in action! she's been living here for months and now that she's away it just feels weird.like we'll usually be out late at night and stuff and right now im always at home now that she's away.and i have to wait for like another month until she comes baaack!
you alls! i misss you/ im gonna miss you guyssss!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time Travel

"Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space"

i googled that and got that off wiki.so time travel right. we all want to turn back time.either to make amends on mistakes that are made by making things right. or to go back and relieve the moment where everything was just perfect. happy day i guess.
i mean right now im turning 20 and the friends that i grew up with..well..without fail we'll be talking about the whole growing up thing. like "dude we're growing old.shit next thing you know we'll be sitting down having coffee with our little mini me's running around us screaming and playing. and then we'll have to face bills and all that and worry over our childrens academic things and then we have a home to care for and then we'll be old and racing in wheelchairs."
that kind of topic will always be mentioned one way or another. and after that we'll be going "oh how i wish i was back in high school. it was fun and we didnt have to worry! gawd i dont want to grow old!"
i dont know. i mean yeah i worry over that. the whole growing up process but fuck im probably gonna screw something up later in life but i guess its something i have to learn. i mean we learn from our mistakes right? and growing old. physically i mean.yeah thats scary.i cant imagine wrinkles and all that on my face. and THAT im NOT looking forward to.
anyways..the whole going back in time thing.in my opinion i do want to go back in time. but not for the reason of staying back in school so i dont have to worry. i dont know cause yeah its all confusing to me right now but in a way its kinda exciting. deep down i do think its exciting cause i'll be learning more things and meeting new people and seeing new things and hopefully places aswell.
that my opinion on it tho. growing up.scary but exciting as well. i cant think straight right now cause my mind is getting muddled up with sleepiness.haha
so i'll leave it at that now.
tomorrow then.


hello hello.
okay so i just got back from aunty didi's place.i swear her new place is effing beautiful. went there with armand coz she needed help with her lappie.and guess what.its near my college.damn wtf right.i never did know that there's a place that lovely near puncak.hahaha so yeah while armand was doing her stuff i was just enjoying the view and talking with aunty didi about i dont know what stuff.haha random talk lahh.so susie her old maid which everyone loooves made some cekodok for us to munch on.well armand actually finished up with the laptop after like 10 mins or so but we were there for about 2 hours just chilling and talking about stuff. armand was playing tag with luq and diaz tho. siigh i just wanna live there man. the patio was like ooooh. and this time around i brought the camera so i could get some shots.hahaah lo and behold.pictures. now im gonna figure out some stuff about life. toodles.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dream Big

but if you dont dream big what's the use of dreaming. as david cook would sing it.

so yes we all have dreams and so do i. things dont come easy i get that and we have to work for what we want to acheive our dreams.i did dream but i never believe my dreams would come true. half my wishes came true but to me its a different concept. anyways im gonna open up bout things here now. if you havent noticed my blog post are basically about whats happening in my daily life.i dont like to put myself out there so i'd be like an open book to read.im a very private person. but i think i should change some parts of that.
back to the main topic at hand. dreams. as i said before i never believed in dreams coming true.yes i dream about alot of things. i dream about this and that. the near future and shit like that. but alas to me it was a dream.one that i would end up thinking.hey that will never happen.its just a dream.
but now im seeing things in a different aspect. okay so i've been overweight for as long as i can remember. of course i had dreams about being slim and all but hey like i said i just left it as that and continued on with my life. a few months after college i took it upon myself to change that. it wasnt easy i tell you. but hey you gotta work for what you want right. im doing things slowly now and im not gonna rush into it. im just happy to say that my weight has decreased slowly in numbers and i havent been at this number since i was like what 14 or 15? i dont have a personal trainer or nutritionist to guide me and all so for me a year to lose this much is a success for me.and of course i had my lazy time where i didnt do shit for months.haha.and im not gonna mention how much i lost okay. thats still a private matter.haha.i have to thank my parents for their support in my cause.
now im working on acheiving my other dream.travelling to europe. london,scotland and paris in particular. yes. the need to go there has been festering in me for over 6 freaking years so its high time i do something about it. im not gonna ask my parents for money to just send me there.again if i want something im gonna work for it. saving up money is the hardest thing for me to do. the need to spend is always there.haha books and music cd's are my weakness. yes. but i have to believe i can do it. just the thought of travelling to europe with my bestfriend is just so mouthwatering i could just taste it. it will happen. and i will make it happen but it might take me a while. i still need to concentrate on other things aswell.and im still a student so we tend to spend on some things.haha siiigh. gonna start packing lunch from home!haha
oh and regarding my dream job im gonna work something out regarding that too. i hope my parents friends would be able to help me out once i graduate. one of my parents friend did say he'll help me out when the whole lot of us went fishing a few years ago..thats another reason why the weight is coming off. i did think about becoming a lawyer and shit once upon a time ago when i was in school but i wont lie. this job that i want..i've been wanting it for as long as i can remember! but we'll have to wait and see. i might go after something better.idk yet. i dont plan out my future in that aspect.i just live for now :)
so basically i just needed to get that off my chest.hehe. im just gonna make sure i achieve these 3 dreams first before i go for anything else. okay la i do need to pass my exams aswell.so i gotta work on that one since its like freaking important for me to graduate.
updates soon.going to aunty didi's place.might snap a few pictures if i feel like it.ngee.i know my bloggie has been picture-less for a while.hehe


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