Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Only Natural

god damn i swear my brain feels like its about to explode at any minute now.
i feel stressed out and the pressure is def on. i mean it's almost 2 months into this semester already and i feel like im suffocating.
joined the nst journalism on campus thing and the workshops are on the weekends so i havent had a weekend for like almost a month now? my weekends are now tuesday and wednesday but i have a feeling it wont be in a while. so i've got college and nst to balance.
trust me im not doing a good job at it. i just realized i've got my monologue test this wednesday and i havent even started on the script and idk how we're suppose to go about for the test. my mandarin is still sucking really seriously. i don't even know one word from the book except ni hao ma and bushe.thats it.okay fine i only know 2 words then. and then there's the assigment for the theater show i went to 2 weeks ago and also the script concept thingy.and i dont know anything about what i've been learning over the past 2 months.i dont know what the hell is happening to me and i seriously need to start working hard to learn everything again.
esp mandarin.i dont want to fail that one.i'll friggen cry if i do man.just a pass would make me happy.ugh.
okay time to go start on my monologue thingy now.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vampire Sucks

i cannot wait to watch this! haha lol i just cant stop watching the trailer ever since sam sent it to me!
she prolly saw the trailer in new york or something.i dunno.haaha but it was effing highlarious i couldnt stop watching it!hahaa i caaan't waaiitt!!
haha both the trailers are highlarious as hell maaan.i love it when "jacob" sprays water all over his body aand this "edward" is cute tooo.bwhaahah cuci mataa!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Temper Temper

was close to losing it yesterday.
idk what happened.i was close to snapping anyways.
i started raising my voice and my tone was getting all pissy.
my brain felt too full of it just seeing how the situation was unfolding.
i was also feeling the tension-ness that was building up because of the situation so yeah. i got all pissed off.
haha much for playing it cool and controlling my temper.epic fail.
i do need to control my temper tho.
i cant go around losing it.
people would start to think in stark raving mad.
that is all.
updates tonight. i shall drown this blog in a picture fest if i feel like it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


okay since i havent been updating this blog im just gonna randomly blog about some of the things i've been doing for the past few weeks or wont be in order so shyeaaah.
okaay i think about 2 weeks ago(?) i accompanied elsa to go pick up her world stage tickets.i did the whole sms thing but yeah i didnt get i wasted rm50 for nothingg.a bit pissed la because i dont sms or call people what the hell was i suppose to do with rm50 worth of credit?and to do those transfer credit thingy and get some cash out of it also cannot coz most of my buddies are hotlink and digi. so yeah.anywaays we got a bit lost trying to find the place was near the curve and elsa didnt know how to get there so i was like her gps system for that whole time.hahaha lol obviously gossiped in the car like mad and then we finally found the her tickets and we went to OU for some much needed chill out time.since she was fasting we didnt go snacking or whatever so we just window shopped and walked around for abit.and elsa wanted to watch toy story 3 so badly so we bought tickets for like the 5 o clock show.we had about 2 hours to kill and then i wanted to go to mph for awhile. she read her magazine and i went looking around for some good books and we went to the 2nd floor of mph and yeah.we basically sat near the kids fantasy section.we had a good view of some park and we just sat there talking and gossipping.yeah we sat there for about an hour and it was something new for us.we're usually at some restaurant we're at a bookshop.haha and then it was movie time! i got some mashed potatoes coz i was really hungry.sorryyy.hahaha as usual the movie was good! i watched it a few weeks back already and i didnt mind watching it again coz the movie was that good!
so after the movie we went to sushi king for elsa to buka puasa.the food was good but damn sad la they didnt have salmon skin.i swear thats like one of my favourite dish now.its so yummy and ahh dangit now im hungry. after dinner elsa dropped me back and that was that for our outing!hahaha
pictures belowww!


There's A First For Everything.

so just got back from my class.
i swear i wanted to cry just now.i usually finish the damn run whenever they ask us to do it.yeah i'll be a bit slow but i never sit out when im halfway running. i actually stopped running coz i couldnt breathe properly. i was like okay it might go away after awhile but then when we started training i couldnt even put enough energy into it. i went to the loo and barfed.
i was like fucck wei.
i had to sit out for like 15 mins or so.
i wanted to cry.
i felt damn weak and pathetic. i havent been going for like 3 weeks but this was just plain week.i did take a few weeks off earlier but i was fine when i started back but i dont know what happened this time.
i was close to effing crying when my partner came to ask me if i was okay.i just nodded. coz my eyes were getting watery.
effing weak.i hate crying infront of people.
but i was able to get back into it and i was only fine because we did some light training after that
this will never happen again.
i wont allow it!
i dont like it when im like this.ugh.

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