Friday, October 22, 2010


uh hello long abandoned bloggie.
okay imma do a quick update on whats been going on.
well last 2 weeks adam lambert and paramore happened. sara made it all happen so a big thank you to sara!
met adam lambert on the 14th of October.
he's tall, he's sexy and he's super nice! i swear his concert has got to be the best concert i've even been to in my life. comparing his concert to all the ones i've been to this is pure epicness.
the lights, the dancers, the band and his voice is just eyegasmic and eargasmic.
so yes.go figure how amazing it was. it would've been awesome-er if only i was high.yes.the whole thing would just be killer if i was high.haahha lawlz.

and on the 19th..i think it was the forgetting dates these days.
uhh paramore came down. yeah im a fan of them. i was crazy over them but i grew out of that obsession so it was cool that one of my old dreams came true. meeting them and getting to see them perform live. so im scratching that out from my old wish list.haha so on the concert day we chilled at sara's place first and we went to the stadium early. got the corporate box seating so we were waiting to meet them. met them at the locker room i think. and said hi to all of them.i swear hayley is just too cute. when i was in front of her she gave me the biggest smile and said apa kha. she was trying to figure out how to pronounce khabar and it was just too i helped her out and she said terima kasih after i got my stuff signed. and sara's friend was talking to hayley and i knew sam was waiting in the crowd and she's just obsessed with them. so i grew a pair of balls and got hayley to write "to sam" on the riot cd so i could give it to sam. after that got a group picture and i got a hug from hayley, taylor, josh and jeremy. couldnt find zac.haha and the concert was amazing! met sam after the concert. sam had the picks but these fuckheads attacked her and stole the picks from i gave her the cd and that pretty much made up for everything shitty that happened. she got excited that hayley wrote her name on the cd.hahaaha so overall it was all good. im waiting for the paramore pic so there wont be any pic of me and them for now.

updates later.i wanna go take a shower and maybe go see sam in a bit.

toodles worldd.


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