Tuesday, November 2, 2010

im thinking.

hello hello.
yes.i need to get some thoughts out from my brain. sometimes i just wish i was in friggen harry potter. yes besides the fact that harry potter is cool and hogwarts is like the most kick ass place ever.its because i just want dumbledore's penseive. yes. the one where he sticks his wand at his temple and pulls memories and what not and puts it in the penseive to clear his mind.

issues and issues and things just keep popping into my mind. i cant help it. i cant control it.
its just there.
right now i am in a turmoil. im not going to be pouring out my heart into this blog because i dont want people to know me better and i dont want people to take a guess on what kind of person am i. i may be emotional and all but thats normal. people are different likewise when they are just normal. the guessing game is one dangerous game to play. you may just guess something wrong and that will pretty much ruin every kind of perception you have on that person.
so enough about that.

right now. what i want to write about in here is just what im thinking about the human life and things like that.
i mean something just happened and im pretty much not happy about it. i've been trying my best to avoid it. i did everything i can to ignore it but yeah i pretty much just failed at that. am i confusing you? good. lets just keep it this way.
i just want to know why humans can't just detach themselves from their emotions even for a while.
i mean right now i pretty much want to rip my emotions to bits.im tired of it. im tired of feeling right now. yeah emotion is they key to life. its how people view us. its how we express ourselves. but doesnt it get tiring at times?
i mean i know life cant be perfect all the time. but when there's the bad moment it happens and you get over it and life goes on. but again. what im saying right now might be confusing and it my words might go around in circles but again.that's that.im not gonna release everything in here. but right now im tired of having this form of emotion that i've had over the past a billion years.
im tired of it. i just want to friggen get over it. i mean come on. im not gaining anything out of it so yes.im annoyed at the human emotion right now.

so that is all im going to say right now because im tired of thinking.once my mind is cleared.then i'll write out a proper post.



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