Monday, December 13, 2010

A BIG "FUCK YOU" to you.


so right now im here thinking.. people make fun of each other right? be it friends or family yeah?
all of it do right? we make fun of people just for the heck of it and being outright malicious just for the hell of it right? here's the thing im not saying im perfect. i DO make fun of people but BEHIND their backs. okay that sounds bad. but at least i know im not hurting their feelings by making fun of them and outright insulting their flaws right in their face. i mean seriously. i know we're not suppose to talk about people and shit like that but again we can't help it. it's a human thing. we talk about people.

i mean honestly i would never ever insult someone in their face by pointing out that their fat, their ugly and what not. i know that at least my conscience will fucking nag at me for saying something mean and hurtful to someone's face. i would never insult someone to their face. be it they did something shitty to me. i will however talk back to someone to fight for my rights and my arguments but i will not insult them because thats pretty much low to me. its like imagine this. you have nothing smart to say back and the only thing you can do is poke fun and insult them. abit stupid really. it shows how intelligent you are. please sense my sarcasm here.

anyways back to the topic at think its funny to and amusing to make fun of them? by pointing out their flaws? well guess what. it hurts their feelings. oh fuck yes im talking about experience.

now here's my experience ladies and gents.FAT FAT FAT. that's what i've been called. once at work the metal floor at work was loose and this guy said i caused it because i was fat. oh yes i had to fucking laugh it off when all i wanted to do was go off and cry somewhere. it is my fault im fat because i love to eat. food was created for a reason. to be fucking enjoyed. every fucking holiday i went back to visit my relatives and the only thing they point out is my weight. yes you see me laughing shit off at the jokes you make about my weight but it hurts like hell when its being said directly in your face in an insulting manner. i have feelings too. im not a fucking robot without any emotions. i do feel. im still human. weight has always been a constant issue to me. i did try things to lose weight. some i regret as it was unhealthy moves. im not gonna be listing what i did because half the weight that i lost was through a method that is beyond unhealthy. until i took up kickboxing. that was what got me losing a bit of weight. and im happy with it. im still on my way to achieving the weight that i want and i gotta thank my parents for encouraging me and paying for my classes.

i've heard many stories about friends telling me that this person said this about them and it was like "what the fuck. what did i do until they said that to my face. i mean my self esteem is low as it is and now.." making fun of people to their face is the lowest thing to me. i mean again. make fun of them but at least do it behind their backs for god's sake. i mean at least you wouldnt be hurting peoples feeling about it. poking fun about their flaws infront of their face and worse infront of other people who would be laughing along making the victim feel even shittier. well yeah they pretend to laugh along and go like fuck yeah it's fine. but deep down. it hurts. they may not be affected entirely but deep down inside. it hurts. even just a little. the pain is still there. i mean to me its pretty much you take a look at yourself first before making fun about other people. are you perfect enough? you got the perfect peen?the perfect boobs? the perfect bod? the perfect everything. nobody is perfect yes thats true. but again dont insult or make fun about people right in their face. i mean at least just have a fucking conscience and think about their feelings. its bad enough some people feel shit about themselves and the insults just makes it even worse.

thats all i've got to say on this matter.
thank you and good night.




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