Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i admit.something must be wrong with me.im itching for a fight/argument.

especially with my brother.

whyy? the fact is that during new years..i found out dearest brother of mine is embarrassed of me and my sister...because we're FAT.

yeah. my dad said that and my brother didnt deny it. so yeah.its true. he dosent want fat sisters.

i just remembered that today and idk.i was itching for an argument or to just lash out at him.

eventho he's been an egoistical ass i cant help but do things for him or when he asks me a favor. send him here there or anywhere he wants to be sent.

so earlier when i left the laptop running and went off to clean michaelangelo's and toto's bowl he wanted to take the laptop and bring it to aunty didi's house. her laptop was not working so he wanted to go there and fix it. so i started to make a big deal about it. memang takde kerja wei. i was like fine. i dont have a choice now do i.bla bla bla.

hahaha. i fucking hate our computer.slow as hell.i mean when i play RC it will start lagging like there's no tomorrow. babi.

anyways.when he got back aunty didi paid him rm70 for his work and then mum asked for 10 bucks for the petrol money.and when i went to the table for a while and went back to the tv area he wanted to give me 10 bucks. at times idk why i have a great deal of pride, ego and stupidity. free money right? i turned it down. i know my mum told him to give me the ten bucks. and i was all like "no.tak ikhlas. so i wont accept!"

i'd honestly have him give me whatever he wishes to give to me willingly. not being told by my mother! after he left for dinner my mum was telling my sister what happened and she started telling me to just accept the money.bla bla bla. alot of words were said but i was still being stubborn.

too bad then. pride, subborness, ego and stupidity helps at time. haha



i still can't get over the fact that MJ has left us all.

i remember that last year i had to prepare for my audition to get into uni.i had to sing act and dance. i got the first 2 covered but i didnt know what dan
ce to do. in my head i was like im going to do michael jackson's thriller. yeah because that year i knew some of the dance moves to thriller and beat it. but i decided to do a latin dance routine instead because i was afraid those people who will be judging would think i wasnt being serious about their course..

and i actually regreted not doing thriller..why? because some of the guys didnt come prepared for the dance routine and they got through dancing to a song prepared by the judges.

even my mum got annoyed at me for always sticking michael jackson songs into her mp3 when she wants me to upload some good songs into her mp3.and everytime i do it i'd upload MJ's song into it.

in memory of MJ i finally got one of his albums and because of that i am dead beat broke right now. and im happy. in the future when i have kids i can show this album and the others i plan to get to them. so they can know that MJ is and always will be an amzing artist/performer.

long live MJ.we will always love you <3


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robots in disguise

in the event of the King of Pop, MJ's death i did not want to blog about anything but him. again RIP.

yesterday was an okay day except getting news of MJ's tragic death.
went to watch transformers 2 at summit.

my plan was to watch transformers on a weekday and in the morning.why? people got school, work and college during that time.hahaha plan la. slept late the night before and mel woke me up around 9am+ and i totally forgotten my awesome plan.then i was itching to get back to sleep but i got up and took my bath and i was like mel get ready..we got the 11.45am show.and guess what.we had the best seats. in the cinemas i love sitting the furthest from the screen and directly in the middle.haha and i got those seats!!haha and the movie was good.beyond good.i wanna watch it again actually. honestly i have to choose which autobots is the awesome-est one i'd choose bumblebee.

he is so fucking robotically cute!!i wish i had a bumblebee transformers robot.hahhaha

on our way back home mel picked intan up. got back home and went online for a while and i had to get ready for sara's fashion show.i was suppose to pick elsa up and be at sara's place by 6pm. mel took about an hour to do my hair.picked elsa up and drove to sara's place. chilled there for a bit while sara got ready and we left together.

the show actually starts at 9pm so elsa and i went to old house kopitiam for dinner.their prawn mee is yummeh! went back to the venue after dinner and talked some more.then this girl who is sara's student join us.her name is sabrina and she's 23 and she imparted good clubbing knowledge to us should any of us decides to go clubbing.the live band was playing and the host was giving out free beer and vouchers.you have to answer questions and do some stuff to get those.haha elsa and i wanted the RM20 vouchers to pay for our nachos and drink..after the fashion show the host came out again and then..

host : bring me two pairs of shoes and you'll get RM20 voucher!
nana : elsa gimme your shoes
*takes off her shoes and i took mine off*

host: bring them here.

host and me talks for a while and i got the vouchers.haha then sabrina told us to ask if we could use the vouchers because maybe there was something to get before we could use the vouchers and when we read the back i was like fuck. it cant be used for any promotional items, deals and events. we took off our damn shoes for nothing! but yeah.haha. anyways sara's performance was up then and she performed her latin dances.i dont know which one she did tho.haha. after her performance we went to pay for our meal i asked the lady if we could use it and she said usually cannot but i'll make an exception tonight.hahah thanked her and we left.haha said our goodbyes to sara and left.

during the show i wanted kfc and elsa was like okay.haha and we went to the 24hour kfc and it was like closed! blackout i think.ended up going to A&W for waffles.after our waffles i sent elsa back home and arrived home just a little near 12am.

pictures below are from the show.

just to inform you guys.we dont drink.these are just our props.haha

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP The King Of Pop

as you all know. this morning on the radio or perhaps the newspaper announced the tragic death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

when mel told me about it this morning i thought she was joking around or just telling me a rumor but then i just whipped my phone out and went to the only source i know where i could get hollywood news,perezhilton.com, and the first headline i saw was Michael Jackson Dies After Cardiac Arrest and im like no fucking way.it was fucking weird. i mean i've always thought of MJ as an immortal.he was suppose to live forever! the thought of him passing away is unreal. i wish this was all a bad joke or a rumor.i
wish he would just wake up and keep on being awesome.

this is practically one of the saddest moment in not only my life but all his other fans aswell.we grew up listening to him and im probably going to die listening to him if i dont lose my hearing. his legacy will always live on and he will forever remain a legend.

RIP The King Of Pop Michael Jackson
August 29,1958 - June 25,2009
(pics from perezhilton.com)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Wonderland

okay so today i went out with miss sara.yes sirree. we went to pyramid and had lunch at sushi king. we actually wanted to TRY and get tickets for transformers 2 but hell.the line was friggen long wei. gave up and walked around.on the way down from the cinema we saw some guy..umm.did something that was quite hillarious. but i shant say what tho..hahah sara couldnt forget about that guy.anyways we went to gloria jeans because i just wanted to redeem my free drink. sat around there and played with our new phones.yeah she got that new HTC thingy. after that we tried the movies again but the line was still long and decided to just go to summit instead.

yeah smart us left during the traffic hour. babi. almost took an hour to reach summit and what did we do in her car? played games on her phone of course! yeah there was this game that was quite nerve wrecking.idk how to explain it but in other words..if you are one short tempered impatient fellow then do not play that game.you'd just want to throw the phone to the wall to release your tension-ness towards the game.hahaha arrived at summit around 8 something and decided to watch drag me to hell..had about an hour to kill before the movie and we went to the arcade and thats when all hell broke loose.we went crazy over those machines that had giant hooks and you grab the toys.yeah sara managed to get one and she gave it to me and then i saw a pumpkin in one of the machine and i wanted it and we spent idk how much trying to get is. stupid hook should not shake once the toys are in our grasp.bloody babi wei.so fucking close.she got hold of the pumpkin the whole idk how many rounds we were playing and the hook was like so eeee. gave up after that and went to kfc because i got hungry.haha

oh and before that sara bought new nose studs.and she wanted to change her studs and guess what.her nose stud couldnt come out. yeah like literally.she was like i cant get it out.and she was literally tugging it and hell for me it would've been painful and i told her to go ask the dude how to get it out.she came back and said she had to put water or lotion on it to get it out.went to the toilet after i ate and that didnt work and we went back to the store.haha the dude was already closing up and i knocked on his "window" and asked for help.hahah even he couldnt pull it out then i started suggesting pliers.haha then he was like maybe i can cut it.im just like go for it.hahaah managed to get it out by cutting the top and inserting the new stud and pushing the old one out. it was gross when i told sara to blow the old one out and she did and it flew to my foot. gross.hahahah

left for our movie after that.and the movie was just okay la. managed to terkejut-kan me here and there but there were some parts that were quite funny la.she dropped me off home after that so here i am back home now..

another story now...a few months ago or was it last year i heard that tim burton was doing his version of alice in wonderland and let me tell you i was over the roof!! i've been watching his films ever since i was a kid and yeah i do love his work!if there's a word beyond love then that is what i feel for tim burton and his films.and a few days ago a few pictures of the characters we released and i wanted to shit my pants. yes.i was THAT excited.hahaha i so cant wait for this movie! its like waiting for twilight all over again.oh besides alice in wonderland i cant wait for new moon either.ahahaha and right now i wanna watch tranformers 2!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


guess what....


after 3 fucking weeks!my god. the pedals felt weird under my feet.thats probably the longest i've never driven and let me tell you it feels odd. i was pressing the brakes too hard and i probably just stomped on the accelerator.

anyways as some of you know my bro got into an accident.oh yeah he's fine but it was his fault. like i said dont be too overconfident on the road. i learned my lesson after my accident. this was the damage my brother did to the car.i forgot what car exactly hit him. this happened at the junction near my old school.he didnt wait for his turn and just went and a car came and hit the kancil.

now that i have the car back i am going to drive around till i puas hati.hahahaha oh and guess what!! shikara is back home!! yes! i cannot wait to see her! she's going off to college soon and i prob wont see her. this time i really hope i can see her la.the last time she came down we didnt get to see each other.please please please let me see her!

in other news i had manhattan fish market today! yeah i got those RM10 vouchers and thought i might aswell use it.hahaha and i couldnt find the white chocolate i wanted to get for my dad for his father's day gift.why so late?well we spent the day in the car driving back to kl from penang.and at night everyone was so tired my dad even slept directly after we got home.haha tomorrow i'l go find that chocolate someplace else!hahaha


Monday, June 22, 2009

I <3 Taylor

more from the awesome miss taylor swift! this is the opening for the CMT awards.haha HIGHlarious!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My New Baby

okay we'll start off with my new phone first.haha here's the deal. wednesday night my parents came home at night and my mum came in first but my dad stayed out to talk to my bro.and i was still phone-less then.

so in my head i was just suspecting that my dad gave the phone to my bro to charge or something like that and im just like waiting to see when he'll give it to me.

so the next day we left for penang and when we arrived at the first stop and got down to stretch about and then when we sat down my dad was like "nana go get my wallet in the car.its in the arm rest" so i went off to get it. and here's the funny part. we've had the honda accord for about 2-3 years now and i had no idea the arm rest had a compartment.so i was looking in the other compartments, the side of the car and anywhere that a wallet could fit.then about 2 mins later mel came and was like "arm rest! arm rest!" and she pulled the arm rest up and i took the wallet and something on top of the wallet.then i saw it.hahah my new phone and i looked at mel and was like "am i suppose to find this or not? if not i'll put it back." and she said "yeah i think you are kot." hahaha why did i ask if i were to find it or not? lets just say for the past few years i sort of always ruin my surprises.like how i saw my mum buy my SP t shirt. how i knew my dad was buying me something from the NMBC store. and also how i walked in on my dad wrapping my birtday present.hahaha FAIL. so fine.i got sort of surprised for this year.hahaha

anyways i friggen love my new phone! i knew i made the right choice by picking it! its so pretty!! haha i couldnt stop jakuning with the flashlight thingy.hahahah


updates on the wedding soon!!

i need to upload and resize the pictures but i'll get to that later.

right now i just want to crawl into bed and sleep.

oh and for the first time in about idk how long my dad sort of surprised me.haha and i'll get to that later aswell.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


yeah i'll be going to penang later this morning.its 2.32am and im not even packed yet. yeah my parents want to leave at 9am but no one's done packing yet.hahah we're sure as hell going to leave late.

im going to miss my charlie :(

4 days is ages.

Thug Story

haha this has got to be the coolest thing ever!

Waiting Patiently

yeah. i'll be going to penang tomorrow.and i'll be back on sunday i think.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miracle Worker.

okay so slept around 8am.why? yeah i was playing restaurant city and pet society.hahah im addicted! so yeah mel woke me up around one because the cleaners arrived and i had to go down. freaking groggy wei.then mel was like im going to cut my hair.and im like noww?and i just wanted to shut the world out and go back to sleep.

decided to go tho because im going to penang on thursday and my hair was in need of cutting.haha as usual we went to sakura hair studio in shah alam.my 2nd time there.haha okay so the first time i went there i got a hairstylist that goes by the name of bryan.haha nice guy and he created my hairstyle.haha so anyways went there a
nd he remembered us!hahaha he was like..you punya rambut curly kan? hahaha anyways we were at the saloon for close to 5 hours.why so long? bryan had a customer that was doing rebonding lo. then we had to wait until he was finish and it took my hair close to an hour to be done.hahaha i originally wanted to just trim my hair and cut my fringe but then he was like 'nak tak i buat sama length.hari tu depan panjang kita buat lain.' and again i was like 'okay i trust you la.you buat ikut hati you la.'and again.he was amazing.i fucking love my new hair!!!

i swear to god the pictures do not do justice to what bryan did.hahaha thank you bryan!hahaha

and so babi la. on the way back home my mum called and told me that the colour for the phone that i want aint available.babi betul.only got the blue one.sorry la. but i want the red one.its prettier! now i have to wait.damn you la whoever who is responsible for this! i just feel the need to blame someone.hahahah.i was so looking forward to getting it today or tomorrow but nooo.now i dont know when i'll get it!!fucker.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello hello.

okay so i decided to have a new blog. yeah just for kicks. there are some things that i want to share with the world and some things that i dont wish to share with the world. so therefore i have a public and private blog.i do need to vent sometimes.haha

anyways. as some of you know my phone has
been an ass to me. yes. i cant charge my phone at all. i've been charging my phone using the computer.yeah you know those cables to upload pictures and the likes of that? i've been using that and let me tell you something.its not working.ass. i've been charging my phone since like around 8pm and now its 1.40am and its still flat.bodoh punya phone. i srsly cant wait to get my new phone la.hopefully before thursday.

cute aint it? hahah

why by thursday? well its because i'll be going back to penang for kak eida's wedding. yeap.another cousin getting married! i cant wait but at the same time im worried.we'll be gone for about 4 days. i do have 3 cats you know.most importantly my charlie.who's going to give her fresh food? dudes.cats are picky eaters.they know when their food aint fresh.

and btw.di got me addicted to restaurant city.yeah that game on facebook. i was playing that until 5am.must stop playing.anyways.i'll blog later.im going to play some games for a while and then sleep.haha



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