Saturday, December 11, 2010


it's seriously mind boggling on how the mind actually works. i dont know how to explain this but it's like the things that runs through our head. what are we thinking about, what we're imagining in our hear. that sort of thing.

sometimes i just friggen wish i was a mind reader you know. like i just want to know what everyone else is thinking about and stuff like that. no i dont want to be a nosy bitch that gets up in everyone else's business and know the shit and drama that goes on in their lives. i mean in a sense where i want to see how their mind works. the things that the human mind creates is amazing. like for example. the artistic people right. what goes through their head when they're creating something?
what were they thinking before they even picked up that brush or that pen or musical instrument and let art flow through it? and what goes on through a doctor's head when he's trying to save someones life? or a lawyer who's fighting a case in court? what goes on in these people's head? what are they thinking about?

you know who's mind i'd want to get into? tim burton. like seriously. i want to know what this guy thinks man. he's a friggen genius. the work he's created. i've been a fan of his since i was a child. obviously as a kid you watch loads of movies yeah? well for me i think i did but edward scissorshand, beetlejuice and the nightmare before christmas were the only ones that i remember from my childhood up till today.oh and also that movie with the giant plant that sort of looks like a venus flytrap in a shop.i forgot what that movie was called tho.again to me personally tim burton is a genius. blog. i hate it i hate it i love it i love it. so yeah. anyways. like im not trying to be like all "oh look at me. i just friggen love the werid shit that people's mind crap out" no. this is my real interest. i like weird things that talented people create because it literally just makes my mind work. it makes me think. i swear i'd prolly not think if the things that i like today didn't exist.

so yeah. im pretty much interested in knowing how peoples mind think. again in many aspects i do want to know how a simple drawing that seems simple have a deep meaning to it and how music was created. like where do they get the ideas to know that THIS is right. the THIS im talking about is sort of like.uh.lets say for example. you got the lyrics down but how do you know that the sounds created by the instrument is right for the lyrics? im not a musician so i wouldnt know the terms and all that. so yeah.

i think that's all the rambling i got for today.
prolly gonna upload some pictures up if i feel like it.




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