Friday, December 10, 2010

ramble ramble

well yes the topic for today my dear little children is about..fuck.even i dont know. im just gonna ramble on and on about whatever that pops into my head.

now lets see. what about hypocrites.ahh yes this is prolly something that we are all familiar with no? well yes im not going to paint this shining bright light around me by saying im not a hypocrite. i say its utter bullshit when people say their not hypocrites. yes ladies and gents every single one of us are hypocrites even in the tiniest bit. you may not want to admit it but hell who likes to admit their flaws?and you may not see it but its definetly there. that small part of you is a hypocrite. im not aiming this at anyone in particular or whatever event that just happened to me. im just saying this out of the fact that my head wanders off to past shit that happened and whenever to topic of hypocrisy comes about. and this is also due to the fact that im having a personal war with time and i dont want to drag my ass back to bed so that i wont be tired at work tomorrow.

prolly regret it but what the hell. you only live once. so that's all i've got to say on the subject of hypocrisy. im not gonna give one long ass explanation about it cause some people might tend to think im talking about not. don't flatter yourself. i do bitch about people but that's just for the heck of it. talking about people is like a can't help but bitch and bitch and bitch about that person and what that person has done. to me.personally. talking about people is a way to relieve the stress thats building up in your head because that person is being a complete wanker. i know its bad to bitch about people but i honestly feel a whole lot better just getting the negativity out from my chest. yes there are good friends of mine who listens to me and for that i loooove you.haha. so yeah it's sort of like someone having a rubber band over your brain and your chest and once you talk about that person who is the cause of the rubber band you just feel the rubber band getting loose and you're able to feel calm and not so stressed out again. thats the best feeling ever. so yes. if you haven't noticed see how i just jumped from the short topic of hypocrisy to bitching?haha im sorry i just had to.haha

oh and now im gonna jump on to another topic. well lets see. oh yeah 2011 is coming up. there's like a few weeks left? sigh.say goodbye to 2010 kiddies. it's kinda shit for me tho.cause 2010 has been a good year. and it just flew by so fast. im gonna miss you 2010. and now to the main topic of the ever changing years. new years resolution? i swear i have never met anyone who has ever followed their new years resolutions. haha i mean i try to follow mine but i gave up after the 1st week of the new year. its such a hassle to remember my resolutions. like i say im not gonna do this anymore for the new year and then im doing that said thing and im like oh fuck im not suppose to be doing that. ahh well.haha sucks for me but hey. this year im really gonna TRY and stick to it. maybe just maybe. i gotta have faith in me though. oh i just thought of one. im gonna start writing alot in this blog and record all the important and memorable shit that happens to me. again TRY okay. i can't say i'll do it cause im pretty sure i wont do it.

so wait i think im done going to TRY and get myself to write more in this blog.and im gonna go to bed right now.
night foolios.




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