Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guess Who's Back

ronnie is finally out! it's amazing.

i've been following FIR's and nasty's twitter to get updates about ronnie's new band but all that was on hold due to the fact that he was in jail.and trust me i've been following for a while.
so it was kind of a long wait. 2 and a half years and stuff. so again. the whole lot of us havent seen how ronnie looks in a while and we only had an unclear pic of him in jail and shit.
so i was dead surprised to see how he looked like in the new FIR pictures! i mean yeah it's just pictures and shit but half of the pictures i've seen him in is him looking a wasted and unfocused and shit like that. and the videos of him that i've seen are just the same.
and seeing the stickam videos the guys uploaded i was even more surprised to see him move and talk. i usually just hear him over the phone that nasty's holding. anyways in the latest video he looks healthier and he even sounds healthier and so much better.
i really hope FIR goes far now that ronnie's back in the picture. i mean the dude is talented as hell. his voice and his lyrics are beyond amazing. i can't wait to hear what the whole lot of them come up with once they start recording.



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